Hair stylists share ‘key’ tips to get Kate Middleton’s locks

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Kate Middleton’s hair hasn’t changed much since she was first introduced to the limelight in 2011, when she wed Prince William. Her hair is just as luscious as it was a decade ago. What are her secrets and how can one copy her hairstyle at home? spoke to hairdressing experts about the best ways to replicate Kate’s glossy locks.

Since the Duchess’ hair is long and thick, Nick Willis, master stylist at Charles Worthington Salon, shared how one can naturally boost hair growth at home.

He said: “Kate Middleton’s lustrous locks are her crowning glory. Envied and emulated by many, with the right colour and care, it’s possible to have similar hair to Kate.

“Diet and regular trips to your stylist are key to maintaining long hair and keeping it in pristine condition.”

The stylist continued: “A healthy diet is key to adding shine and strength to your hair. I would recommend a diet of oily fish which are rich in omega acids, these contribute to our natural collagen which is essential for great skin and hair.

“Other sources of omega-rich foods are walnuts, spinach and flax seed. Exercise is also vital for healthy hair, our scalp needs healthy blood flow to stimulate the hair follicles and in turn produce strong hair.”

However, there are products one can also use to enhance hair thickness and growth.

Ghanima Abdullah, a hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles, said: “You can grow your hair long by using any hair growth products, really they all work in the same manner by using botanicals that lengthen your growth phase, like peppermint.

“But there are a few things you should avoid. Read the ingredients carefully and don’t use hair growth products that contain silicone, mineral oil or polyquaternium.

“These ingredients give shine and can increase volume, but they also plug your hair follicles. So all the good ingredients in the formula will be blocked from doing their jobs.”

For thickness, Ghanima recommended: “Hair growth shampoos and serums also have ingredients that pull dormant hair follicles into the active phase, so that you’ll have more hair per square inch.

“Look for lavender and rosemary to help thicken your hair.”

To acquire Kate’s natural-looking waves, the experts had a few tricks up their sleeves.

Nick advised using a GHD tong or wand, saying: “Start with a section of hair, curl this section around the wand, making sure the hair wraps away from your face.

“Repeat these steps on the opposite side of your cheekbone. Then brush out with a wide tooth comb. Fix with a light hair spray.”

Melissa Austin, editor of beauty blog Beauty Answers, added: “It’s all about creating volume when recreating Kate’s iconic waves.

“Before getting started with the waving process, wash your hair with a volumising shampoo before tilting your head upside down and blow drying the roots.

“From here you can use a hairdryer and barrel brush to create a bouncy blow dry. Start by carefully curling your hair around the barrel brush then aim the hairdryer at the roots first, before carefully dragging downwards to create a curl.

“For extra bounce, secure your hair in a roller and leave in until fully cooled. Waving your hair with a large barrel curler can also work.

“Section your hair and wrap it around the curling tong away from your face before securing your hair in curler and allow to cool for long-lasting waves.”

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