‘Handle trouble areas’ under the eyes without ‘heavy’ makeup

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Covering up the skin under the eyes is an essential step in many mature skin beauty routines but doing it the wrong way can often make texture and “problem” patches more prominent. Whether you experience overly-dry skin, puffiness, or wrinkles, a beauty expert has shared an easy technique that anyone can use to correct problematic skin and avoid “drawing attention to it”. She recommended doing the hack on freshly moisturised skin before applying any other makeup.

In a recent video on her TikTok profile, Brittany Kolba @brittanykolbasocial, a specialist in “easy” makeup tips revealed that the skin issues under the eyes are the “number one complaint” she hears from beauty clients.

She said that while layering on products in an attempt to cover them up is a mistake many people make, less is more if you want to reverse signs of ageing and texture.

Brittany added: “First of all, under eyes have a lot of things going on. Sometimes you can be puffy, sometimes you can be hollow and sometimes you can be dark.

“You can also be a combination of all three of those which makes it a really tricky spot.”

Of course, not having a good skin routine to suit your complexion will have an effect on the appearance of your under eyes, though the makeup expert noted that “it’s just the eye area” and not always caused by something you’re doing wrong.

Speaking in the TikTok video, she explained that the way you apply products is crucial to achieving a seamless finish. Demonstrating the tip, she used a brightening product and a small, fluffy brush to blend it under the eyes.

Britanny said: “When you are trying to cover the under-eye area, use a feather touch – as you can see I’m using a very soft brush and a light sweeping motion.”

She warned against “dragging” or “pulling” the product across the skin as this is when the cakiness and texture can begin to show.

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To show the hack, the TikTok video creator used a yellow-toned cream highlighter with brightening properties in a bid to combat dark purple tones under her eyes.

However, she noted that you should find the right colour correcting shade for your own complexion. Brittany suggested trying out peach, pink, orange, yellow or “mango” shades for other skin issues.

When applying the product, the makeup artist placed it in the lower corner of her eyes around the side of her nose and below the outer corners.

She said: “I also like to bring a little bit of the excess of that from my brush up onto the top of my eyelid as my eyelids are kind of purple too and it makes for a really good base for eyeshadows.”

Even if you don’t tend to apply eyeshadow, Brittany noted that the highlighter “brightens up the eyelid”. She added: “A lot of times people will pack products on and when you do that you actually just accentuate problems.

“So if you’ve got wrinkles under there, you’ve got textured skin, you’ve got darkness, by adding a ton of products you’re actually drawing a lot more attention to it.”

To finish the look, the beauty expert applied a very light “feather touch” of foundation on top of the brightening product to even out the colour of her complexion and a touch of blush.

She noted that this is a “great everyday look” if you have mature skin and don’t love “heavy” makeup but “hate your under eyes”.

According to Britanny, the easy technique is a “great option” for ageing complexions as you’re able to “handle trouble areas” in less than two minutes.

But while the beauty tip is easy to follow, the TikTok user noted that using products that are too light in colour or too heavy in texture for your skin will highlight the under-eye texture.

She noted that a cream highlight, the right colour and a light hand are crucial ingredients if you try this at home.

In addition to using her brightening makeup tip, Brittany recommended adding an eye cream that contains caffeine into your everyday routine.

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