Hannah Montana Casting Director Reveals It Was These Other 2 Actresses in Top 3 for Role — Not Belinda

The original casting director for the Disney Channel hit series set the record straight with her own TikTok video

Lisa London, the original casting director for Disney Channel’s hit series “Hannah Montana,” is dishing on which other two celebrities were in the top 3 for the role of the iconic blonde popstar that ultimately went to Miley Cyrus.

When Belinda went viral after TikTok creator Fernanda Cortes claimed the Spanish-Mexican singer had almost snagged the titular role from Cyrus, the casting director set the record straight with a video of her own.

“I’m actually the original casting director on Hannah Montana, and I discovered Miley Cyrus,” London revealed in a TikTok. “I wanted to let everyone know that Belinda, who is lovely by the way, was never in the top three for the role of Hannah.”

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The video quickly cut to a photo of a sheet of paper dated May 6, 2005 of the final three actresses who were in the running for the role: Cyrus, Taylor Momson and Daniella Monet.

London continued, “These were the final three actresses at the network test out of over 1,200 girls.”

The casting director also noted Hannah Montana’s normal alter ego, Miley Stewart, was never supposed to be her name.

“This was when her name was originally Chloe Stewart before they changed it to Miley Stewart,” London explained the name “Chloe” that appeared next to the name of each actress.

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Though Miley snagged the role of Hannah Montana, Momsen and Monet rose to fame with their roles in “Gossip Girl” and “Victorious” respectively.

Back in 2020, while virtually appearing on the “Carolina With Greg T In The Morning radio show,” the “Mother’s Daughter” singer revealed she would be open to reappearing as the pop star in a potential reboot of the series.

“You know what honestly, I try to put that wig on all the time,” Cyrus laughed. “She’s just in storage collecting dust and I’m ready to whip her out … The opportunity will present itself.”

She continued, “I definitely would like to resurrect her at some point. She needs a big makeover because she’s kinda stuck in 2008, so we’ll need to go shopping with Miss Montana.”

Meanwhile, telenovela child star Belinda did try out for the role of Hannah Montana. Back in 2006 former Disney Channel executive Garry Marsh told Billboard: “She wasn’t comfortable enough with a role completely in English,” per Mexican outlets.

“I’m nervous speaking in English all the time, but I can write,” Belinda reportedly said as well.

She would go on to appear in Disney’s “The Cheetah Girls 2” and record iconic songs with Adrienne Bailon and Cheetah Girls.

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