How to create AI Yearbook pics as stars from Jac Jossa to Chloe Madeley jump on trend

Another day, another TikTok trend, right?

Currently the AI Yearbook trend is doing the rounds, showing users what they would look like in an American High School Yearbook back in the 1990s.

It's harmless, nostalgic fun that has even gripped plenty of celebs in the process. Just check out the Instagram pages of stars like Jacqueline Jossa, Jake Quickenden and Chloe Madeley to see totally different versions of the famous faces we know and love, created using AI.

The viral trend is achieved by downloading the Epik app, an AI photo editor that allows you to create such images. Once firmly in your apps folder, you'll be able to generate 60 pics that are based on real photographs of yourself.

Whether you're looking for a sporty, smart, or grunge high school version of you, here's a step by step guide of how to create the ultimate AI Yearbook photo to share on your own socials…

How to create your own AI Yearbook photos

Ready, steady, throwback…

1. Download the Epik app

Once you've downloaded the AI photo editor from your app store, open it up and select the 'AI Yearbook' option available on the homepage.

2. Upload your favourite selfies

Grab a handful of selfies from your camera roll and upload them to the app. Epik recommends around 8-12, all with a wide range of facial expressions, in order to create the best final look.

Also make sure that all the images are super high quality, as it just means that the AI generated snaps will be as crisp and clear as they can be.

3. Select 'Create Yearbook Images'

Now you've selected your selfies, simply click on the 'Create Yearbook Images' button.

You'll have already been asked if you want to opt for the Standard or the Express Version – the former will have the snaps ready in up to 24 hours and the latter will generate them in two hours.

So whichever you picked, sit back and wait for the 60 images to come through.

4. Personalise them even more

The app will then allow you to have a play with your AI generated Yearbook snaps, from editing them with filters to changing the backdrops. Obviously, you can just leave them as they are and share them with your friends straight away.

5. Save them to your phone

Granted, you're probably not going to want 60 AI generated images of yourself taking up your storage space, which is why most people have been just saving 10.

So, once you're happy with your favourite images – edited or not – select them on the app and then click 'Process.'

This will save the images you picked to your phone as photos and also as a video. Now all that's left to do is whack them on your socials for all your mates to see!

Happy AI Yearbooking!

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