‘I got fake freckles tattooed on my face – even if critics hate it’

A cosmetic tattoo artist has divided opinions on the internet after inking hundreds of freckles on her client’s face, which one person argued will age “like a tramp stamp”.

The Australian tattooist, Daisy Foxglore, caused an uproar after posting a video of her red-haired client with a “full face” of “heavy coverage” freckle tattoos.

Showing a clip of the client before the procedure, she says: “This is the canvas I had to work with. My client has beautiful skin, but as you can see, her features were made for freckles.

“She has a couple of natural freckles here and there and I used those as a jumping off point to map out these glorious heavy coverage freckles.

“I always show my clients the mapping before we get started to make sure they’re happy, and I make the mapping as interactive as it can possibly be. My clients can always choose where they want their freckles to be.”

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Once the tattoo was finished, the artist said: “They do settle down a lot during healing. The colour will calm down around 50 percent and obviously the skin won’t be red once it’s healed.

“They do settle down a lot during healing. The colour will calm down about 50 percent and obviously the skin won’t be red once it’s healed.”

While some approved of the final results, other’s were so complementary, with one person likening the final result a “rash”, or worse yet: “scabies”.

Many users with natural freckles appeared confused as to why someone would go to the length of having them tattooed on their face, with one saying: “Not me hating my natural freckles for my whole life then them being a trend.”

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According to the Dermatology Clinic, the trend of having freckles tattooed on the face is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

The procedure involves “placing the freckle markers by implanting freckle-coloured pigments in random shapes and sizes on the skin, with a digital state-of-the-art hand piece”.

Many who had attempted the procedure, however, are unsatisfied with the results, as there is no guarantee that the ink will fade into a natural finish.

In 2020, a TikTok video resurfaced of a woman wailing after the beauty treatment, crying: “I’m literally crying right now cause they’re so ugly.”

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