I haven't shaved for years – and my boyfriend loves my hairy body

I haven’t shaved for years – my hairy body earns me five figures a month and my boyfriend loves it

  • TikTokker Calita, who lives in Spain, says she makes money from her body hair
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A woman has revealed that her decision to stop shaving her body hair has been a financially lucrative one – and has been good for her love life too.

Calita, who is believed to live in Spain, has opened up about her choice to ditch the razor in various videos on TikTok, where she has more than 11,000 followers and is known as @calitafire3.

She has shared a number of clips in which she shows off her hirsute body parts – including her armpits, which she says she hasn’t shared for three years.

And while many viewers have taken to the comments section to share their appreciation for her choice not to shave, unsurprisingly, many have been critical too.

In response, the TikTokker, who has described being unshaven as ‘liberating’,  has shared videos in which she outlines the multiple benefits of her hairy life. 

In one video, featuring Calita looking stunning in an orange and black string bikini, she revealed that her body hair has been surprisingly lucrative

Responding to cruel trolls who suggested that her hairy armpits are in some way unattractive, or that her hair must be off putting to partners, she shared a video to point out that this isn’t the case.

In a short clip, which shows Calita lying down wearing a grey singlet, the words ‘My bf loves it,’ are superimposed on the screen.

She accompanied the video with a caption that says: ‘Don’t know why you all so worried about what he thinks.’ 

And she has also revealed how lucrative the decision not to shave has been financially.

According to another video, which shows the social media user looking stylish in an orange and black string bikini, she earns a significant sum from her hair. 

Words superimposed on the screen say: ‘Body hair is an asset, earning 5 figures a month.’ 

Meanwhile, the caption she wrote to accompany the video simply said: ‘Thank you body hair.’ 

Among the negative comments Calita has received on her videos are those saying her hair could be considered unattractive. One commentator even asked how she washes hair areas like her armpits. 

According to the TikTokker, who says she hasn’t shaved for three years, her boyfriend loves her hairy armpits

However, the TikTokker has received a slew of positive comments thanks to her enthusiasm for shunning the social trend of shaving and embracing her body hair instead.

One wrote: ‘That’s awesome.’

Another simply wrote: ‘beautiful.’ 

And a third said: ‘Love beautiful natural beauty hair.’ 

Calita’s latest videos come after US actor Rachel McAdams received a slew of cruel comments after she showed off her hairy armpits during a photoshoot for Bustle magazine.

Among the mean things people said, some said she was ‘nasty,’ ‘tasteless,’ and ‘gross’ for not shaving her under arms.  

The photoshoot sparked a furious debate on social media about body hair – with some people praising the Mean Girls alum for her confidence and others  branding it as a ‘turn off’ and stating that they will ‘never look at her the same again.’

While some people have left cruel comments on Calita’s videos, others have said they appreciate her choice to put down the razor

‘Gross, no thanks,’ one person wrote on Twitter, while another simply said, ‘Ew.’

Some social media users, however, defended Rachel and branded her as a ‘queen’ for opting not to remove her hair. 

‘I wish more celebs would be this comfortable in their bodies,’ wrote one supportive tweeter.

‘Oh no… Someone has hair, where hair f**king grows – the horror,’ said another sarcastically.

‘If you’re genuinely p***** off about Rachel McAdams showing her armpit hair in her most recent shoot, you should crawl back under the cold rock from which you came from,’ added someone else.

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