‘I quit teaching for OnlyFans – then slept with a former student on camera’

A middle-aged mum who quit her teaching and marketing jobs for porn has revealed that she hooked up with one of her former pupils for one of her early scenes.

The US woman – known as Mrs Robinson online – has spoken in the past about working nine-to-five jobs including teaching and marketing, before abandoning these careers to instead sell raunchy content online.

The 52-year-old has enjoyed the life of an adult star so much that her daughter Amber Blake quickly followed, trading singing on cruise ships for an OnlyFans career.

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Now, speaking on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, Mrs Robinson has revealed that her children were relaxed about her X-rated work.

They even get kudos from the fact that she slept with a former pupil who also became a porn star during an early scene.

“I think they were expecting something different, and once they realised, ‘oh it’s still just her’, now they’re like, ‘hey cool I saw your TikTok’," she admitted.

"It’s now a flex for my teenager that I was on these podcasts and that I have had sex with Johnny Sins my high school student."

Johnny Sins is one of the porn industry’s most well-known male performers.

And Mrs Robinson explained that once she realised the pair had a mutual connection, she hoped to utilise him to kick-start her career in the industry.

“Right when I started out I knew that I needed to find larger creators to shout me out. I knew I wouldn’t get my name out, and I started looking for people, and when I saw Johnny Sins, I sent a message on Shoutout Express like, ‘hey want to shout me out?’ and we just laughed,” the mum recalled.

“He shouted me out and was like, ‘oh my god my old high school teacher, here she is and here I am, maybe we should collab?’”

So, after a while trying to coordinate their busy schedules, Mrs Robinson described how the reunion had finally taken place.

“We just couldn’t connect and when we finally did, there was such pressure for me personally because it’s Johnny Sins and I’m just mum from the suburbs, I’m now 52.

“He said, ‘do you know you’re my most requested collab?’ And I’m like, ‘thanks for the pressure’.

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“So we did shoot and it was a huge success. It was just wild, everyone loved it, I loved it, it was just cool.”

In fact, the adult star remembered that the hook-up had propelled her to fame in the industry and claimed that she was whisked off to LA to film with leading production companies within a month of the film being released.

“I was in my head going, ‘what the f*** is going on? I just meant to make a couple of extra bucks, this is wild,” she laughed.

And, asked whether her former pupil had told her that he fancied her when she was a teacher, Mrs Robinson replied: “Yes he did. But people ask me if I did and I’m like, ‘no, it’s so gross, he was a kid’.”


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