‘I spent £50k on UK’s biggest lips – trolls call me monster but I’ll never stop’

A model with the "biggest lips in the UK" has been trolled – but nothing will ever stop her. Sofia Lips has splurged £500,000 on her extreme look.

The content creator, from Manchester, became obsessed with plastic surgery and spent an eye-watering £50,000 on her lips alone. And despite what people say, she's far from over.

Now approaching the world record for the biggest lips across the globe, she intends to stretch her pout as far as physically possible. She shares her extreme look on Instagram where she boasts 28,600 followers.

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The 27-year-old said: "My lips are the biggest and most full they have ever been. I add to my lips every two months and I've spent £50,000 on my lips alone."

She added: "They are the biggest lips in the UK and I've actually been approached by Guinness World Records to go to Milan in 2024 to make it official!

"I have a lot of filler fetish pigs that like me to film the filling process so I enjoy it to keep them happy and get paid for it."

As well as her infamous lips, Sofia also has two boob jobs, with a third coming up. She's also had a hair transplant, liposuction and nose job.

Sofia even replaced her weekly sun bed routine with tanning injections, spending £500 per session to darken her skin.

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The model continued: "I also get Botox and my cheeks done that often. It's expensive to get the extreme results I love! I want to look like the ultimate bimbo f**k doll."

Sharing her extreme look on Instagram, many people said she's gone too far, commenting that her lips are big. One person said: "Monster."

Another added: "What an ugly mouth lol," while a third commented: "Forgive me… but in my opinion… your lips, you've swollen them too much."

A fourth asked: "What the hell is wrong with your lips?" But despite the haters, Sofia insists her followers love her look and she has no plans on slowing down.

"I'm always stretching and growing my pout, my online subscribers love it," she admitted.

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