Mama June Banned from Daughter's Home as Pumpkin's Husband Says She 'Ruins Everybody's Lives' (Exclusive)

While June's daughters seemed optimistic after a weekend of therapy, Pumpkin's husband Josh says one weekend "doesn't make it all hunky dory" — before putting his foot down.

Joshua Efird is still a little skeptical about letting June Shannon back into his life — so much so that he barred his mother-in-law from visiting his home while she attempts to reconcile with her daughters.

Anyone who watches Mama June: Family Crisis or follows the reality TV family in the news knows it’s been a rough few years for the titular star, who has recently been through bad relationships, arrests, court drama and battled a costly drug habit. During that time, her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird stepped up to care for her own sister, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, and eventually was granted sole custody of the teen in 2022.

On the most recent season of the family’s show, June’s been attempting to smooth things over with her daughters and had an emotional breakthrough with them during a therapy weekend on last week’s episode. While the girls seemed optimistic about their future with their mom after the trip, Josh still had some concerns.

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In this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, Alana, Lauryn and Jessica sit down with Josh to share how the weekend went.

“I think it went well,” said Alana, “I feel like we talked a lot of stuff … I don’t feel like Mama lied as much. I didn’t give it all to her, but I told her the important bits.”

Her sister Lauryn said she felt like they “took steps that haven’t been taken before,” believing June “was genuinely apologizing to all of us, individually.” She also told her husband that June kept saying how much she missed their kids, something that got an eye-roll out of Josh.

“Listen, I always want to support my wife in every way possible, but every time June shows up, she ruins everybody’s lives with the chaos that she brings with her,” he explained in a confessional, adding, “So distance is better.”

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Speaking with the women, he then said, “You know what I’m sorry about? I’m sorry she can’t come here. One weekend doesn’t fix all the f—ups over a period of time.”

While Lauryn understood his concerns, she also wondered how they would be able to “move forward” as a family If June couldn’t even come over. Josh, however, didn’t relent.

“I don’t know, baby. The world’s so big. Go get some coffee, go to the ice cream shop, there’s a million other places to meet but here,” he said. “Y’all spent one weekend, that doesn’t make it all hunky dory. She’s gonna have to prove to me just like she has to prove to you she wants to be around.”

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“I’m gonna have to put my foot down here and tell you, she’s not coming here, I’m not ready for her to see my kids,” he added, before getting out of his chair in frustration. “No means no, how about that. No kids, no house, no garage, no creek, no cul-de-sac, no nothing.”

According to an official synopsis for the episode from WE tv, Pumpkin apparently “convinces Josh to let June see the kids,” but June still “June ruins the day by overstepping with Ella.” The synopsis adds, “June comes up with a surprising method to win Josh’s forgiveness. Alana struggles with a decision.”

Mama June: Family Crisis airs Fridays on WE tv.

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