Mary Kay’s First Latina #1 National Sales Director Shares Her Journey

Patricia Turker first learned about Mary Kay at just 16 years old thanks to her mother. “A friend of hers introduced us to Mary Kay, and I remember wishing I was old enough to start my own Mary Kay business,” Patricia says. “My mother started her own, and I was in awe of the hard work and dedication she put into her business.” At the time, Patricia’s mother was battling cancer and going through a divorce so to say she was inspired was an understatement. The moment Patricia turned 18, she signed up to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant to follow in her mother’s footsteps and kickstart her own dream. Just one year later she worked her way to being in the top 2% of sales force members, achieving the prestigious title of Independent Sales Director, citing the early days with her mother plus her innate leadership mentality as the catalyst for her nearly 30-year journey with the brand.

“Being introduced to Mary Kay as a teenager, I was, of course, enthralled with beauty and the incredible products, but even more so with the opportunity the company provides,” Patricia says. “I’ve always been drawn to leadership, and the idea that I could build my own business and empower other women along the way captivated me. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be my own boss and own my own business.”

But despite her tenacity, she still faced challenges over the course of her journey. “As a young entrepreneur in New York, I had had to learn quickly how to pivot and trust myself,” she says. “It was such a big market, and I had to continuously build my self-esteem to not be discouraged by no’s.” But in doing so, Patricia stayed true to her heritage and branched out of her comfort zone. “I decided to focus on building customers and a team with the people and places I knew well—young Latinas in the greater Manhattan and Long Island areas as well as unfamiliar neighborhoods to meet new women,” she says. Though it took courage to put herself out there in a new community, she ultimately found her true passion—empowering Latina women to find their purpose the way she found hers.

“I rest easy at night knowing that I have spent my career helping enrich other women’s lives. My Mary Kay business has given me the outlet to identify and pursue my own dream, and now I get to inspire and coach others to do the same,” Patricia notes. “I am fulfilled by my career each and every day because I get to pass on what I have learned to a new generation of entrepreneurs.”

Being the first number-one Latina Independent National Sales Director in the U.S. is nothing short of humbling for Patricia. Born to Latino parents in New York, she recognizes it is a privilege to represent her heritage with this achievement. It’s even given her a greater purpose. “My personal hope is to share hope with other Latinas that no matter where you come from or where you’ve been, you are strong enough to reach your goals,” she says.

Patricia attributes much of her achievements to the work ethic and perseverance she established in her early years, but also the mentors she’s had throughout her life. “I remember soaking up knowledge from other leaders in Mary Kay like a sponge,” she says. “As I became I leader, I learned firsthand that humility, specifically, helped me connect with others at a deeper level. My years with Mary Kay have shown me that being a humble, hard worker helps lead you closer to your goals. Listening to others—especially the ones that need listening to—will establish authenticity and lead to vulnerability, which ultimately leads to true friendships and fruitful business partnerships.”

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One of the reasons Patricia admires Mary Kay is because the company continues to innovate year after year when it comes to its product portfolio. The corporate team works to bring modern, on-trend products to the market that they know the sales force and their customers will love. The brand has also graciously evolved in the digital-first age.

From the launch of new digital tools, such as the Mary Kay app where customers can purchase products through their Independent Beauty Consultant with a few swipes of a finger, to the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer App, which uses facial skin recommendation technology to evaluate a customer’s skin and provide personalized product recommendations, Mary Kay continues to stay at the forefront of customer needs.

However, what Patricia finds most admirable is that even with these necessary innovations, the company’s mission, vision, and values have not shifted since its founding in 1963. “Mary Kay is still a company built by a woman for women,” she says. “We all still operate under the golden rule, just as our founder Mary Kay Ash desired. I love the business I’ve established because it’s built on a steady foundation that also holds a commitment to innovation and evolution.”

Within her own role, Patricia notes there is always something new and exciting to learn at Mary Kay, and it’s one of the many reasons the past 30 years have been so fun. And while her business has evolved, she’s always stayed true to her principles while looking ahead to the future.

“My Mary Kay business is so rewarding to me personally, so I look forward to continuing to work hard to achieve my goals. I have loved traveling and meeting new people thanks to my Mary Kay business and plan to keep prioritizing these adventures,” she says. “I love mentoring and coaching other young entrepreneurs and am excited to continue leading and sharing my insights for years to come.”

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