Morrisons selling festive gingerbread & chocolate pizza – but foodies are unsure

With Christmas being right round the corner, everyone is starting to stock up on festive sweets and savoury treats.

But, supermarket giant Morrisons have decided to combine the two and create a ‘Gingerbread men pizza.’

Yes, that’s right.

An indulgent food dish for those sporting a sweet tooth.

The Christmas treat pizza was posted into Facebook group ‘Snack Reviews’ where its 194,000 members comment on newly released bites.

One eagle-eyed member of the group spotted the new sugary delight on the supermarket shelf.

Pictured amongst more traditional pizzas, Morrisons ‘10 inch chocolate gingerbread pizza’ will only set you back £2.89.

Instead of the usual toppings of pepperoni and cheese, the Italian carb fuelled dish has been replaced with marshmallows, chocolate and some very happy looking gingerbread men.

Drooling at the mouth, many people took to the comments to share their love for the sweet take on the Italian dish.

One person commented: “We had this last weekend. My 4 children absolutely loved it, it looks bad but was surprisingly good.”

Another user added: “I’ve already had this. It’s so nice but very sickly!”

Whilst a third user remarked: “Sounds lush.”

However, not everyone seemed so keen on the gingerbread men topped pizza.

One user expressed: “Not a chance.”

Someone else said: “Looks like an illness.”

Meanwhile, another person stated: “They're absolutely disgusting.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the gingerbread pizza!

Those who don't fancy the pizza may want to try a Christmas flavour gin that comes in light-up snow dome bottle that Morrisons is selling, which may be more up your street.

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