My boyfriend earns three times more but expects me to pay half

Woman is warned her new boyfriend is ‘tight’ after she reveals he earns 3 times more than her and still expects her to pay half of everything

  •  A British woman took to Mumsnet to ask for views on how bills should be split
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A mother has sparked a fierce debate after revealing her boyfriend, who earns three times more than her, wants her to pay for half of everything in the relationship.

Taking to the UK parenting forum Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained she had been dating a man who is nearly 50. 

She said that even though he earns far more than her, he still expects her to pay for half of everything, including dinner and petrol costs. 

She said she found the behaviour strange and asked other users of the forum if his mindset is something she should be wary of. 

The community was divided, with some saying she should pay her way – and others saying he sounded tight. 

A British woman has sparked debate online after revealing her boyfriend expects her to pay for halve of everything – despite the fact he earns three times her salary (stock image) 

Sharing the post, the woman questioned whether she was being ‘unfair’ or if she should be ‘wary’ of the man’s behaviour 

In the original post the woman wrote: ‘I have been seeing this guy; he was nearly 50 and earning three times my salary.

‘He always makes sure we pay even amounts but this sometimes ends up as me paying more.

‘For example he will pay for dinner but I have to pay for two lunches to make it up.’

She added that they recently went away in a tent and he asked for half the petrol money. 

But she explained that she always drove to his house and never asked for petrol money.

The woman added she would often treat friends and didn’t expect anything in return.

She asked the community if she should be wary of this behaviour or whether she was being unfair – and received mixed responses.

One wrote: ‘If you’re going to split the bill why not split the bill? All straightforward and no tally to be kept on who’s paying for lunch next time.’

Many of the posters thought that new dates should split the bill and go Dutch – but some said he was going too far 

Another wrote: ‘Going Dutch is fair enough in a new relationship. Just be careful that you are only covering your own costs and not his.’

However many thought the man was being unreasonable. 

One wrote: ‘I am staunchly in favour of paying your own way on dates… but this is miserly and penny pinching.

‘Asking for petrol money when you earn three times the salary – no thanks. He sounds like he is going to be a nuisance further down the line.’

Another wrote: ‘It does sound a bit tight, depends on his demeanour/attitude about it.

‘It should be a more casual and trusting feeling than a regimented who pays what.’

Many were suspicious of the man and said he was tight – and some said he should come and visit her house

Another said: ‘It’s fine to both pay your way but I think this is going a bit far.’

While a fourth was more blunt, writing: ‘I have never in my life asked for petrol money from someone.

‘This is really tight.’

One was also highly suspicious of the man, thinking he might be trying to get money out of the woman. 

She wrote: ‘I would move to pay your half to the exact penny.

‘No more buying lunch twice to make up for your deficit.

‘But I would watch him to see what are the scheme he has got to get money out of you and that he has other tricks up his sleeve.’ 

Some pointed out that it was also strange that she always went to his house.

One wrote: ‘I wouldn’t expect him to chip in to pay your petrol to visit him but why isn’t he making the effort to come to your house sometimes?’

While another penned: ‘Stop driving to his house and see how much effort he makes to see you.’

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