‘My mum applies instant fake fan for me – and I look like I’m rolled in s***’

A woman has shared her fake tan horror story after the dark colour set on her face left her looking like she'd "rolled in s***".

Lily Draycott, 18, was mortified when she was rushing to get ready for an event and asking her mum to apply an "instant fake tan" for her.

She explained on TikTok and avoided showing her face to the camera, saying: "I've got an event tonight and I forgot to tan last night so I panicked, thought I've got to do some of that instant tan, which develops about six hours.

"So I whacked some of that on, mum did it for me, looks a bit dark but what you've got is to trust the process."

Panning the camera down to show viewers of the "instant look", she continued: "Tell me why I looked into the mirror and saw this.

"It's even worse on camera actually.

"The best part about this is on the bottle – it says you don't have to wash off for a darker than dark tan but if you want a lighter tan – so you can just go out like this?

"Just like 'oh hello girls', 'oh love your tan, what colour is it?' Rolled in s***!

"I don't want to out the maker of this tan but let me just say they're giving out saint hoods far too sparingly!"

Her clip has left viewers creasing and many asked her of the brand she was using.

Lily revealed her mum used the St Moritz fake tan cream in 'darker than dark' colour.

"I used that brand's spray tan in a can and God have I never regretted anything more in my life," one recalled.

A second joked: "That is the pretty sister of Apu from the Simpsons."

Some offered help to Lily and suggested her to use shampoo to wash it off.

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