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SOMETIMES it can feel like you're eating healthy and keeping fit, but still not seeing the results you want.

And while all of us get bloated from time to time, it can feel frustrating and uncomfortable if it's a constant issue throughout your day.

Chances are, you aren't doing anything majorly wrong.

But a nutritionist has shared four easy tweaks you can make to your routine that can make the world of a difference.

1. Eat more fibre

One of the major causes of bloating – when your belly feels full and tight due to being filled with gas – is constipation, registered nutritionist and gut health specialist Clarissa Lenherr told Insider.

You'll know you're constipated if you're having difficulty pooping and are straining, or your poos are hard and lumpy.

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If that's the case and your tummy is also swollen, Clarissa suggested increasing the amount of fibre you eat in order to increase the frequency of your bowel movements.

Pooing more often can help bring down bloating, she explained.

It's important to not load up your plate with fibre all at once though, as this can have the opposite from intended effect and result in more bloating.

Add fibrous foods to your meals gradually, Clarissa advised.

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Eating more fibre can also help you with other goals.

"Fiber helps keep us fool and can contribute to weight loss," she told Insider.

Diet guru Dr Michael Mosley recommended eating "approximately 30g of soluble and insoluble fibre every day".

His top fibre-rich foods included avocado, beans, oats, pears and nuts and seeds.

Meanwhile, the NHS had a few tips for upping the fibre content of your meals:

  • Choose a higher-fibre breakfast cereal like Weetabix or shredded wheat -porridge as oats are also a good source of fibre
  • Go for wholemeal or granary breads, or higher fibre white bread, and choose wholegrains like wholewheat pasta, bulgur wheat or brown rice
  • Eat potatoes with their skins on
  • Add pulses like beans, lentils or chickpeas to stews, curries and salads
  • Include plenty of vegetables with meals, either as a side dish or added to sauces, stews or curries
  • Have some fresh or dried fruit, or fruit canned in natural juice for dessert
  • For snacks, try fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, rye crackers, oatcakes and unsalted nuts or seeds

2. Have protein throughout the day

According to Clarissa, it can be helpful to eat protein throughout the day in order to aid fat loss.

"Protein is important for supporting energy levels and can help keep us full and satisfied, which may reduce snacking and sugar cravings, both of which, when done in excess, can make fat loss harder," the nutritionist explained.

You can get protein from both animal and plant sources.

Beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat tend to be protein-packed, but you can also get it from milk, cheese and yoghurt, as well as soy-based foods.

3. Do resistance training

Any exercise is good exercise.

But the type you do can make the world of a difference if you're trying to lose fat, according to Clarissa.

The nutritionist said resistance training can help lose fat and maintain muscle.

"Having more muscle can lead to a higher resting metabolic rate, which may support fat loss," Clarissa explained.

Resistance training means you're exercising your muscles using an opposing force, such as weights, dumbbells, resistance bands, gym machines or even your own body weight.

You don't need a gym membership to get an effective workout.

Get some equipment to keep at home or you can do squats and sits using only your body weight – there are plenty of free videos on YouTube to follow.

And no need to go all out every time you do a workout – you can pepper in both high and low intensity sessions.

4. Drink herbal tea

Finally, if you're feeling bloated at the end of the day, Clarissa suggested sipping on a herbal tea.

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GP and author Dr Anisha Patel shared 11 ways you can beat the bloat – and when your bloating could be the sign of something serious.

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