OnlyFans mum and daughter make £8k a month from naked food fights

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    A mum and daughter duo have revealed they make a whopping £8,000 a month posing naked and filming naked food fights.

    Mum Jessie Jo, 55 asked her 24-year-old daughter Phoenix Rae Blue to launch a shared OnlyFans account with her back in May 2020.

    At the time, Jessie Jo was struggling to find work and after so many people found huge success on the subscription-based site, she wanted to give it a go.

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    The mum and daughter often dress as dominatrixes, in PVC leather, wielding whips. However, they aren't afraid to sport racy lingerie or pose nude together too.

    Some of the content includes racy snaps and raunchy videos where they have naked food fights or wrestle in a bubble bath.

    Since their account took off, they often rake in up to £8,000 a month, with fans paying £50 for a five-minute chat alone.

    Glamour model Jessie Jo, from Warwickshire, said: “My glamour shoots got cancelled because of the pandemic so I decided we needed to do something different.

    “We weren’t expecting it to go so crazy. It just blew up and now it’s what pays our bills.

    “We don’t touch each other but are happy to pose naked or in lingerie. We just have fun.

    “I used to walk around the house naked all the time anyway, so we’re used to it.

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    “People have called us incestuous before, but they don’t really understand what we do and over time the negative comments have become less.”

    Phoenix added: "I thought it was a great idea when my mum suggested a joint Only Fans.

    "I saw that no one else was doing it. A lot of my friends are envious of the bond I have with my mum.

    "We're very comfortable around each other and it's so fun doing what we do."

    Jessie Jo started her glamour model career after being approached by Babestation. She initially set up her own OnlyFans account back in 2017 and encouraged her daughter to follow suit.

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    In 2020 they launched a shared account to ‘bring something different’ and boost their views.

    Jessie said: “It blew up overnight.

    “We still get requests from people asking us to touch each other but we’ll never do that – she’s my daughter.”

    "We don't get so much hate anymore but the negativity gives us more attention so people look at our only fans," Phoenix added. "We thrive off the hate."


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