Optical illusion vows to determine how judgemental you are of others

A personality test that could determine whether you are judgemental or self-critical has baffled internet users with its accuracy.

The brainteaser comes from Mia Yilin, whose character analyses have become a big hit on TikTok, where she counts nearly half a million followers.

The latest mind test calls out judgemental and self-critical individuals based on the details they spot first when looking at a mind-bending picture.

From afar the image depicts the profile of a man, but on closer inspection, several intricate details jump out to the eye, including the feathers of a crow.

Mia explained: “If you first saw the crow, then you are someone who is very judgemental towards others.

“And although you recognize and dislike this personality trait of yours, you can’t help but formulate […] opinions about the people you interact with.”

She added that it’s not uncommon for these people to have sharp intuition, but they’re rarely wrong about their preconceived ideas of others.

“A lot of the time your assumptions and suspicions end up being proven correct,” explained Mia.

Meanwhile, those who spotted the face first tend to be “very self-critical”.

Mia noted: “In fact, you use that as a defense mechanism because you’re so scared of being rejected or disliked by others, that you subconsciously want to beat them to the chase by being mean to yourself first.”

Her advice to these people is to stop letting these self-sabotaging thoughts prevent them from being the person they want to become.

Many people in the comments shared the opinion that Mia’s analysis was spot on, despite revealing hard truths about their character.

One viewer wrote: “I am both but dead-on with the crow. Your visual tests are pretty accurate for me and I appreciate them thank you.”

Another commentator wrote: “Took me forever to see the face. And yea I’m a crow, I can read people like an open book, and guess what? I’m ALWAYS right.”

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