Our town is ruined by newbuild homes – council wants to build more than 7,000… it'll make our area look like a prison | The Sun

FURIOUS locals say their town is being ruined by newbuild homes – with the council wanting to erect more than 7,000.

Residents in Greenwich, south London, are currently living in fear that their homely area will end up looking like a "prison" if the blocks of flats are approved – turning it into a concrete jungle.

Plans set out in 2017 revealed the "tremendous potential" of Charlton Riverside and how adding thousands more homes could bring in around 4,000 jobs.

But the slow progress because of multiple challenges from different parties has meant the prospect has worn off and is now not wanted.

One local said if the development of 7,500 homes goes ahead, Charlton will be overcrowded and turn into a "mess".

Robinson Njoroge, 45, told MyLondon: "I think it might be a little bit overcrowded to be quite honest… there’s loads of buildings coming up already."



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Charlton sits in the middle of built-up Woolwich and Greenwich centre.

Robinson added: "[Charlton] is already packed because it's chock-a-block in Woolwich already… Towards Greenwich it’s the same thing.

"So it's sort of like a small relief area in the middle."

Moira Brown, 66, said Greenwich is already highly polluted and driving more traffic into the area won't help matters.

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She said: "It's just horrendous. Greenwich is probably one of the polluted areas in London.

"The roads are very limited, there's not much you can do to expand them, and then there's route blockages which pushes all the cars onto the main road so you've got traffic jams left, right and centre."

A Greenwich Council spokesperson said: "The council, alongside the Government and Mayor of London, recognise the potential of Charlton Riverside, along with Thamesmead, to provide thousands of new affordable homes and jobs.

"Everyone in Royal Greenwich should have access to a safe and secure home that meets their needs – but due to the housing crisis this isn't the case.

"51 per cent of residents live in poverty and the delivery of good housing is key to tackling this.

"We're committed to unlocking suitable areas to deliver housing and employment to support inclusive economic growth.

"We’re also making it easier, safer and greener to move around the borough and the rest of London."

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