Paul Rudnick Talks ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Musical and New Novel ‘Playing the Palace’

Paul Rudnick‘s “Playing The Palace” has been years in the making. The novel follows a New York City event planner named Carter Ogden who unexpectedly sparks a love affair with Edgar, the openly gay Crown Prince of England.

After working on the first draft for almost a year, Rudnick revealed that he spent many months revising the romantic comedy with editor Cindy Wong during the pandemic. The novel seems to have been released at the right time as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently making the royal family more accessible than ever before. The author joked that the Duke of Sussex himself would be a perfect casting to play Edgar.

“I am convinced that this just happened in reality,” Rudnick cracked Tuesday during a Strand Book Store virtual conversation with Variety‘s senior culture and event editor Marc Malkin. “I think that is certainly Harry’s next step and I would welcome it. I would say, ‘You’re gonna get paid scale because it’s your first job,’ but why not, he’s certainly adorable.”

Rudnick said he would be open to a followup novel about Carter and Edgar.

“I’d be delighted to follow them,” Rudnick said. “I very much want this book to be about that moment when you fall in love, where there’s the potential for it to fall apart and blow up in your face…There’s a whole life left to be lived beyond that, so we’ll find out.”

Rudnick is also writing the book for the staged musical adaptation of “The Devil Wears Prada”  which is set to make its world premiere on July 19, 2022, at the James L. Nederlander Theatre in Chicago. Featuring music by Elton John, the musical will star Beth Leavel as Miranda Priestly and Taylor Iman Jones as Andy Saks. “The team is trying very much to pay tribute to this beloved movie that people can’t stop watching and the terrific novel by Lauren Weisberger, but also to reflect the huge changes in the fashion world in particular, in terms of a long-overdue sense of inclusion,” Rudnick said.

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