People are discovering the true reason why knitted hats have a bobble on them

When it comes to fashion we rarely put much thought into design features, whether that be an embroidered pattern or some glitzy sequins.

However, recently the public have come to question something that has been around years — why do knitted hats have bobbles on them?

It might seem random, but it's something that we definitely haven't put much thought into before now.

Users of the website Reddit have taken to asking: "Why is there a pom on the top of traditional stocking caps and has it ever been functional?"

They shared just some of the reasons why and some of them are quite deep.

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The first being that pompom hats originate back to the era of the Vikings in Scandinavia during the years 800-1066.

Whilst there are pictures of Viking gods, particularly Freyr, sporting headwear that resemble pompoms on top, which make them a key feature of Scandinavian folk costumes.

When looking back at these outfits, you can see how highly decorative they are, so another reason could be merely as a decoration.

However, leading on from this, one Reddit user explained how they also served a specific function as well as decoration.

The user wrote: "As for function, it seems self-evident that a pompom is useful for hiding the finishing of a hat."

Knitting (and the older nålebinding used by Viking Age Scandinavians) allows for a stretchy hat with no seams, until, that is, you get to the top.

The phrase pom pom actually derives from the French word 'pom-pon' which refers to as a 'small woollen ball attached to a garment, especially a hat, for decoration.'

According to The Outline, pom-pom hats were a significant part of Napoleon's military uniforms where the colour represented which company they belonged to.

As well as this, they have been used on the uniforms for Scottish Highland regiments.

Whilst there these historic meanings of the mysterious bobbles, there is also a really simple solution to the questions.

It has also been said that they serve another function which is that is simply makes it easier to remove the hat from your head.

So whatever reason you believe to be true, at least now you can go forward knowing a little history.

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