‘People are so horrified by my split tongue and horns I get spat on in public’

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    A body modification fanatic has spoken about the horrific backlash he receives in public due to his look – claiming people spit on him and parents cover up their children’s eyes.

    Inspired by “hardcore” musicians, Remus says he quickly fell in love with body modifications and tattoos as he tried to replicate his favourite bands’ looks.

    At the age of 14, he pierced the bridge of his nose and since then, he became hooked – now boasting a split tongue, implanted horns and scalpel ears.

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    So far, Remus, from Denmark, has spent an estimated £3,500 on his modifications and inkings. But while he’s in love with his controversial look, not everyone agrees.

    The 25-year-old claims parents cover their kids’ eyes in public, yell harsh words and even spit on him.

    “I’ve been spat on while sitting on the bus minding my own business,” Remus, from Copenhagen, Denmark, told NeedToKnow.Online.

    “People yell at me on the street and parents also cover their kids’ eyes when I walk past.

    “Online, I have comments telling me I should die, that I’ve ruined myself and that I’ll never be hired for a job."

    Talking about how his family have reacted to his unique look, Remus added: “At the beginning, my family was very much against it and we would have lots of discussions.

    “I didn’t really care – and I still don’t – about what my family thinks, as it’s my body, my decision.

    “They still don’t like my modifications, but at this point they’ve stopped talking about it.

    “Every now and again I get asked: ‘What are you going to do next time?’ and I don’t plan to stop just because my family doesn't like it.

    “My friends accept it, as they see me for who I am and not my appearance – but I don’t have many friends that look similar to me.”

    While he’s looking for companions who share the same interests as him, Remus said he's also looking for a potential partner.

    As a gay man with modifications, he says this limits his options and most of his previous relationships were either online or outside of his hometown.

    For now though, he’s focusing on his end goal and will continue to modify himself for the foreseeable – but claims the invasive procedures are “illegal” in his country.

    He said: “I’ve gotten all my body modifications for free, as it’s illegal to do this in Denmark.

    “I’ve been going to a good friend [for these] and I’ve been pierced around 50 times, mostly professionally by my previous colleagues, other piercers and myself.

    “I think my favourite modification is the ear scalpelling, as I really like my ‘orc’ ears.

    “My ear cartilage and earlobes have been through this six times in total because I thought my ears were boring.

    “I wanted to shape them to look more brutal, so instead of going for an ear pointing procedure (elf ears), I wanted to remove parts of them instead.”

    Now, he’s planning on getting his eyeballs inked next and says this will be the last modification for a few years.

    Remus added: "I've run out of things I want to get done, but I plan on tattooing the rest of my body and maybe add a few piercings here and there.

    "I don't want to remove my nose or belly button for example.

    "I find the black eyes a bit too alien-like and intense for myself, so I will go for a more 'sky effect' with different types of greys.

    "It's one of the most extreme things you can get done body modification wise, so I'd like to add this into my collection.

    “I’ve played with the idea of getting some of my ring finger removed, but I’ll probably never get around to doing this.

    “Even that frightens me a bit.”


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