People's nightmare neighbours include a cat thief and a burglar

And you thought YOUR neighbours were bad! People share their nightmare stories – from a cat being secretly poisoned to being invited to an orgy

  • People have shared their stories of neighbours who make their lives hell 
  • The conversation was sparked on UK parenting forum Mumsnet
  • Stories include people who watched their neighbours shower and broke in 

People have been sharing their stories of nightmare neighbours, from those who were caught spying to thieves trying to steal pets.

Commenting on a thread on UK parenting forum Mumsnet, people shared their horror stories about the people living next door. 

The conversation was sparked by a woman who said she had a nosy neighbour who always seems to know her business.

She said that, after she and her partner bought a new laptop, the neighbour asked her about it – despite the fact she had never mentioned it to him.

Commenting on a thread on UK parenting forum Mumsnet , people shared their horror stories about the people living next door. Stock image

The conversation was sparked by a woman, pictured, who said she has a nosy neighbour who always seems to know her business

The woman said: ‘He’s either spying or watching via his Ring doorbell (This isn’t the first time he’s suddenly known stuff about us without us telling him and I’ve caught him spying before now).’

Asking people to share their nightmare neighbour stories so she could ‘put it into perspective’, people trumped the nosy neighbour dilemma with stories of boundary disputes, theft, and even orgies.

One person said their next door neighbour has been sending forged legal letters to them about where the boundary should be in the garden, after ‘trying to steal’ a piece of land.

Another person, from Knutsford, said that while the people next door had an extension fitted by a ‘bankrupt builder’, the work managed to take off half of their kitchen roof, which they didn’t discover until they’d got home from work. 

Many people have had boundary disputes with their neigbours, which have even been taken to court

One couple had such a long-running dispute with their neighbours that they ended up in court over where the fence separating their houses should be.

The poster wrote: ‘We came home to find [our next-door neighbour] had moved the boundary fence at the front of our properties. She had set up cameras to film what our reaction would be. 

‘When we spoke to her, she insisted the strip of land was hers.’ 

They added the dispute, which has cost two years worth of solicitors fees, has taken a toll on their mental health.

For lots of people living with nightmare neighbours in the vicinity, their pets have been the cause of tension.

This person’s neighbour takes nosiness to a new level, watching them have a shower. Another claims their neighbour has tried to steal their cat

One person accused their neighbour of trying to steal their cat, while another made a much darker allegation – that the neighbour had poisoned their kitty.

Thankfully, the cat survived the ordeal but according to the owner, is ‘a bit nervous of new people’.

Nosy neighbours are an invasion into privacy at the best of times, but one poster said the woman living next door takes nosiness to a new level.

They wrote: ‘My old neighbour was really passive aggressive and then a few times I caught her stood outside my bathroom window while I was having a shower.’

They added: ‘I had strong words and invested in blinds.’

Nightmare neighbour stories ranged from people who had parking disputes to people who had been invited to orgies

Others complained their nightmare neighbours had broken into their house, gossiped to ex-girlfriends about new partners and even got aggressive about parking.

However one person seemed to have the opposite problem in that their partner was far too friendly.

They wrote: ‘We lived next door to a couple who continually tried to entice us into an orgy. 

‘It started off quite subtle, then went to less subtle hints, then one day they just came out with it. We said no and carried on being friends but it was weird as hell.’

 Nudists and a couple who terrorised young children were among the nightmare neighbours called out on the thread

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