Plus size star defies trolls with glam snaps & won’t ‘give them time of day’

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Plus size model Isabel Nicholls Nall has hit out at her haters.

The 22-year-old, from Worcester, boasts 116,000 followers on Instagram as she wows with her stunning body confident snaps.

However, she told Daily Star that there is still people who go out of their way to bring her down.

The blonde beauty, who models for fashion brands including Ann Summers, says she 'doesn't give them the time of day' though.

She told us: "It does upset me sometimes when people go out of their way to say something mean.

"I've had it a lot of time where it's been unprovoked on a night out, it happens all the time. You've got to learn to ignore it though."

Talking about how she's overcome the trolls, she said she's just grown a thick skin and doesn't take notice of other people's opinions.

She added: "The second I stopped caring what everyone thought and did what I wanted to do, I got a big following and got to do all this fantastic stuff."

Referencing online troll in particular, Izzy said: "I just delete any comments of hate straight away.

"I don't give them the satisfaction – that's what they want. They want people to kick off and cause a big drama.

"I don't give them the time of day."

Izzy first got into plus size modelling when she was working abroad as a holiday rep for Tui.

She said as part of the job she would go to beaches and boat trips where her friends would take photos of her in her bikini.

Izzy said: "I began posting the pictures of me in my swimwear online – unedited of course.

"Then one day I logged on and I randomly had 2,000 more followers. I was so confused, but then I realised one of my pictures had been re-shared on a body positive page.

"I'd always wanted to do modelling so I started taking and posting more pictures and added hashtags and began to build up an large following."

Asked if she'd always been body confident, Izzy says she has, with the exception of secondary school.

She said: "People are always surprised about how confident I am. I've never cared what anyone thinks."

When asked what advice she'd give to others who also want to be as confident as her, she shared: "Be kind when you look at yourself in the mirror.

"People say the nastiest things when they look at themselves in the mirror, but if you hype yourself up, such as saying 'I look sexy today', or 'I look great in that outfit', it makes such a different. Just being nicer to yourself."

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