Prince Harry May Need to Change His Life in 1 Drastic Way to Heal the Royal Rift, Royal Expert Says

The royal family is experiencing a huge rift between its members. Prince Harry has made it clear he is unhappy with his family, and he moved to California last year with his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

According to a royal expert, the rift has gotten so deep that Harry must make one drastic change in his life in order to be back on the royals’ good graces.

Prince Harry has unveiled grievances against his family

Harry has spent the past couple of decades as a happy royal who has nothing but kind words for his family members. However, in the past few months, he has changed the script. Now, Harry is airing grievances instead.

Earlier this year, Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah Winfrey for their first tell-all interview. The couple alluded to racism in the royal family, and Harry also talked about his frustration at being financially cut off by father Prince Charles.

Then, a few weeks ago, he appeared on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast to talk more about his family. This time, he criticized Charles’ parenting and spoke at length about “genetic pain and suffering” that have been passed down from one generation to another.

On his new Apple TV+ series, The Me You Can’t See, Harry claimed the royal family neglected his mental health as well as Meghan’s.

These accusations have not helped the rift between Harry and the royal family. According to the Daily Mail, a source alleged “there is much pain and hurt on both sides” and that they would need to take “baby steps” to repair relationships.

A royal expert believes Prince Harry may need to change his life drastically

It’s not clear what it will take for Harry and his family to reconcile. According to royal expert Kinsey Schofield, it may require Harry to make drastic changes in his life.

“Sadly, I think the only way that things would go back to normal is if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were to separate and Prince Harry returned to the UK solo,” Schofield told The Mirror.

However, that could be a tough decision to make for Harry. Schofield added, “Harry would never leave his children in another country.”

Like many people, Schofield also thinks Harry’s sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, could help him to reunite with brother Prince William.

“I believe the Duchess of Cambridge is a very strong champion for the reunion, but I also imagine that she knows where her husband’s head and heart are and isn’t going to push for something that he’s not ready for,” Schofield explained.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting a child together

Of course, it does not seem like Harry will go back to the U.K. by himself anytime soon. He recently returned alone in April for Prince Philip’s funeral, but he did not spend much time in his home country.

Now Harry and Meghan are expecting their second child due this summer. The couple has been living a private life in Montecito, California, and it seems neither of them has any desire to go back to the royal family at this point.

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