Serena Williams Wears Diamond-Encrusted Outfit For Last U.S. Open

Serena Williams has been sparkling at the 2022 US Open (and not just because of her performance). The tennis star’s diamond-encrusted outfit has been getting almost as much attention as her game.

According to ESPN, Serena worked with Nike months before the competition to design a special look for what will be her final time competing in the tennis championships.

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The athlete reportedly took inspiration from figure skating outfits in designing her look. The black one-piece features long, mesh sleeves and a short skirt featuring six layers. This is a nod to the six U.S. Open championships she’s won since 1999.

The upper bodice of the one-piece features hundreds of tiny crystals organized in an ombre pattern. Serena completed her look with a matching jacket and tote bag, both covered in the same crystals.

But the real showstopper of Serena’s look were her matching Nike sneakers. The shoe featured 400 diamond crystals, which were expertly placed by hand.

The shoes feature a variety of special details. The laces feature the phrase “Queen Mama” in gold lettering, while her initials “SW” cover the bottom part of the shoe laces.

Serena wasn’t the only one dressed to the nines. Her daughter, Olympia, was spotted wearing an equally lavish outfit as she watched her mother from the crowd. Photos show the 4-year-old in a black outfit covered in crystals. Both Serena and Olympia were spotted with crystals in their hair.

The athlete shares her daughter with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. The couple have been married since 2017.

Serena has been the face of Nike for almost two decades. She originally signed with the sports company in 2003, and this outfit was the perfect way to celebrate their partnership.

Although Serena may be ending her tennis career, she sees retirement as a positive decision. Speaking to PEOPLE, the tennis champion says she was surprised by her daughter’s reaction to her decision to leave the sport, admitting the toddler gave her a “fist-pumping ‘Yes!'”

“It’s hard to completely commit when your flesh and blood is saying, ‘Aw,’ ” she continued.

Serena went on to reveal that more children may be in her future. “When I look at Olympia, I’m really not performing at my peak by not trying harder to give her that sibling,” she shared.

“Coming from a big family, and coming from five, there’s nothing better,” Serena concluded.

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