Single mum quits corporate banking job to make £10.5k a week as X-rated model

A single mother-of-two has revealed that she quit her corporate banking job to make $1,500-a-day – that’s around £800 – on OnlyFans meaning in a week she can earn up to £10,500.

Lucy Banks, 31, from Perth, Australia won the “OnlyFans best booty” award and is in the top 1% of creators on the sexy website.

OnlyFans allows creators to charge their subscribers a monthly fee to access their X-rated photos and videos.

On her website, Lucy wrote: “I can assure you, you've never seen nudes like these before.

“Get to know me, and let's get wild together.”

But, the model wasn’t always an adult star as she once worked in the finance sector as a corporate banker.

At 29, she quit the industry to create content on OnlyFans – and two years later is in the top 0.3% of earners and has bought her first home.

It’s the culmination of a life long dream for Lucy who had to move her family five times in three years when renting.

Lucy told the Daily Mail Australia: “I've been wanting to buy a house since I was 19.

“There is no way I would have been able to single-handedly save for a house while juggling full financial responsibilities for two kids, if I didn't have OnlyFans income.

“I am not driven by money but I am driven by stability.”

The mum-of-two hopes to buy an investment property in the future so she never has to worry about her income.

But, for now, her OnlyFans cash means she can send her sons, aged eight and six, to a posh private school – and she says it causes her less stress than her 60 hours a week banking role.

She noted: “I love being a mum, but I was always so worried about trying to provide for my kids.

“I was always trying to run little businesses and trying to have 'side gigs', but it was really challenging with juggling two young kids, including one with a disability.

“It was a good job but it was full on.”

Lucy discovered OnlyFans when a pal told her she was earning $5,000 (£2,700) per month.

The mum said: “Admittedly, I was curious but didn't think it was something I could ever do.

“But I was so impressed with how much she was making… I signed up that night and the rest is history.

“I'm earning more than double, almost triple of what I was earning as a corporate banker. The most I've made in one day is around $1,500.”

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Lucy now has 3,600 subscribers who each pay her monthly to look at her content.

She claims to spend 90% of her time on marketing and 10% on photoshoots and filming.

Now, the mum is enjoying a comfortable life with her kids by going on holiday, saving her money and being completely debt-free.

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