Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s marriage has ‘thrived’ with Edward taking ‘backseat’

Sophie Wessex sends message of support to young girl

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 55, joined the Royal Family more than 20 years ago when she and Edward tied the knot in Windsor Castle. Being senior working members of the firm, what is their relationship like?

The couple live in their Bagshot Park home with their two children, James Viscount Severn and Lady Louise Windsor.

While the children’s lives are kept very private, they have occasionally been seen with their parents.

Sophie and Edward have many interests in charities and organisations which means they regularly attend events and engagements.

The Countess regularly also appears on behalf of the Queen.

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What is their marriage like?

Speaking to, body language expert Judi James explained that Sophie and Edward are the only couple who have got their “power balance” right.

She said: “After a flurry of public and media interest during and soon after their marriage, Edward and Sophie appeared to slip into the more low-key family lifestyle that other royals like William and even Charles appeared to crave. 

“Sophie might have been labelled ‘The New Diana’ at the start of their marriage but her almost total lack of dramas and storylines meant less scrutiny of their relationship. 

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“However, there was also a general assumption that, like the marriages of all of his siblings, Edward’s would hit the buffers sooner rather than later.”

Judi explained that the couple’s marriage has thrived.

She added: “It’s been a happy surprise then to find that Edward and Sophie currently appear to be in a royal marriage that has not only lasted but thrived. 

“Unlike Charles and Diana, the couple seem to have got their power balance right together, with Edward often looking happy to see Sophie take the lead and the lion’s share of the attention, and unlike Anne and first husband Mark or Andrew and Fergie their compatibility signals appear strong.”

The body language expert previously suggested that her confidence has grown since joining the Royal Family.

This could be due to her taking the lead when she is with Edward, showing that they are equal.

Looking at photos of the royal couple together throughout their marriage, Judi analysed their body language.

The couple attended the Commonwealth Day Service last March at Westminster Abbey.

Analysing a photo of the couple smiling and walking next to one another, the expert explained: “This shot epitomizes the new power balance between Edward and Sophie. 

“Walking with his hands clasped behind his back, Edward appears to have adopted a similarly polite, ‘backseat’ role to his wife as his father Philip did with the Queen. It’s Sophie doing the warm, dazzling smiles here while picking the camera out with her eye contact.”

One of their most recent visits was to Vauxhall City Farm whether they saw the farms community engagement and programmes in action.

Sitting on hay bales, Judi said: “Posing together here though there is a slight difference from Sophie to her husband, suggesting she is keen to boost his confidence for these royal photo-calls.

“Her knees are bent towards Edward and nearly touching him, suggesting relaxed and easy-going affection, while he performs a leg-splay and hand-clasp while mirroring Sophie’s smile. 

“The tight clasp and the rather stretched smile suggests tension here but it looks like Sophie is in the role of support and encouragement.”

When pictured five years ago as Sophie cut her 50th birthday cake as the couple visited the Tomorrow’s People Social Enterprises at St Anselm’s Church, the expert explained that the couple showed “close proximity” and “mirroring” signals.

This shows that the royal couple have a close relationship.

Judi added: “Edward tends to look both proud and delighted to see his wife’s new popularity both inside and outside the Firm. 

“He tends to look especially excited about the warm relationship that has built between his wife and his mother the Queen. 

“During the recent royal gathering he stood grinning and beaming as the Queen and Sophie stood chatting like friends on the steps.”

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