Student flaunts £4,400 of empty booze bottles – and people are ‘impressed’

When people think of university students, boozing usually comes to mind – apart from all the hard studying of course.

University of Lincoln student Liam Bell student certainly got off to a strong start at his first year of higher education.

Grades to one side, the lad has ‘impressed’ with other means.

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In a viral TikTok clip, Liam shared the lines of empty alcohol bottles that lined the kitchen cupboards.

Nothing unusual to have some token booze to mark some wild uni nights, but for the lad and his mates they managed to get through quite a lot.

£4,440 worth, in fact.

Liam shared in the video that has now racked up 1.2million views: “£4,400 worth of pre’s bottles later, first year is complete.”

The student, along with 12 others, managed to get through a staggering amount of booze and kept the bottles as a nod to their efforts.

Empty Smirnoff, Jägermeister and a lot of Sourz were included in the mix.

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“And an extra 2 stone heavier”, Liam confessed in the caption.

It seems that the lad has got the seal of approval, as many people fled to the comments to praise him.

One person commented: “Low-key impressive.”

Another user added: “I’m proud of you.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Absolute legend – first year completed it mate.”

Someone else shared: “I have a corner in my room of at least 40 Smirnoff bottles just sat there with absolutely no purpose.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user expressed: “I’m impressed.”

But others pointed out why his accommodation had so many kitchens in the first place, Liam explained: “I lived in a 21 bed flat. But if I’m being honest those bottles are from about 12 of us.”


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