Students at St Andrews share more behind-the-scenes of The Crown

Behind-the-scenes of The Crown! St Andrews students gush about ‘sweet’ Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey as filming for final season continues at Prince and Princess of Wales’ old University

  • Students have caught Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey filming at St Andrews
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Students at St Andrews University shared behind-the-scenes clips from the set of the final season of The Crown. 

Filming for the sixth series is currently underway at the Prince and Princess of Wales’ old university – where they met as students in 2001.

Videos shared on TikTok show Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey – who have been cast as Kate Middleton and Prince William – filming scenes on the historic campus, which dates back to the 15th century. 

One viral clip shows Meg holding hands with model and actor Oli Green, who appears to have been cast as one of Kate’s former flames.

Before the Prince and Princess of Wales became an item, Kate was believed to be dating fourth-year law student Rupert Finch. 

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The 15-second clip – which was filmed by a student – shows Meg dressed in a navy jacket, khaki skirt and brown knee-high boots while her love interest is preppy in a checked jumper and jeans. 

The scene opens with Kate gazing at her love interest before they then walk into one of the university buildings.

As they leave campus, the actress playing Kate acknowledges William – who is passing past them – with a smile.

After walking through an old gate, William then turns around and gazes at Kate – which prompted their live audience to gasp from where they were watching.

Predicting his next move, a student is heard yelling: ‘He’s going to run back, he’s going to run back! 

The video ends with students cheering as McVey dashes after his co-stars.

Impressed with the casting of the show, the student captioned her video: ‘Will and Kate DUPE.’ 

In a follow-up video, the student claimed they were holding up a sign for Meg which read: ‘Go girlie!’ 

Excited St Andrews University students have caught a glimpse of Meg Bellamy, left, and Ed McVey, right, who play young Prince and Princess of Wales, filming around their campus

After spotting the sign, the actress beamed at the crown and fist-bumped the air in between takes.

The student gushed: ‘Also – the actors are actually so sweet too.’  

Filming from their classrooms, halls and bedrooms, St Andrews’ locals revealed how they spotted Dominic West, who plays a middle-aged King Charles in the series, McVey and Bellamy in the streets of their town.

Students currently at St Andrews have joked that it feels like they have had an exclusive first look at The Crown’s upcoming series, because so many films have been recorded on their campus.

‘We’ve all basically watched the new season thanks to the students at this point,’ one joked. 

‘You think that, that girl, that no one knows right now, is going to be massively famous in a few months,’ another observed about Meg Bellamy. 

McVey, Bellamy, accompanied by actor and model Oli Green, right, have been spotted filming all over campus 

Students filmed as camera rolled, commenting enthusiastically on the action unfolding below them  

People have commented on how ‘sweet’ Meg, who plays Kate Middleton, has been to students, and shared a clip of their interaction

‘I have seen so many St Andrews Crown clips that I have basically seen season six.’ one joked.

Meanwhile, some noted how Lady Louise Windsor, the daughter of the new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, is currently studying at St Andrews, and must be aware of the show filming. 

‘I find it quite hilarious that Prince William’s cousin Lady Louise attends this Uni while they’re filming the Crown aka a Show that is about her family,’ one said. 

While some reportedly begged Netflix to let them be extras on the show – with some claiming the job pays £250 a day – others moaned that filming could get in the way of their studies, and one even revealed she was paid £50 by the crew to let them film from her student room. 

Students currently at St Andrews have joked that it feels like they have had an exclusive first look at The Crown’s upcoming series, because so many films have been recorded on their campus

The film crew have been spotted all over the town in recent days, from the local harbour to a pizza restaurant where the character of Kate was working as a waitress.

Many students have shared their own videos of the set on social media, with one captioning her post: ‘Watch the Crown be filmed on my university campus.’

Another shared a video of Dominic West and Ed McVey filming Prince William’s first day at the university with the caption: ‘You wake up to The Crown season six outside your flat.’ 

One person even managed to get close to set while Ed McVey entered the university’s library, with many remarking how much the young actor, 22, looks like a teenage William. 

And another student revealed she was offered £50 from the crew to let them set up a camera in her bedroom to capture one of the scenes on the university grounds. 

‘If the lighting is looking extra good in season 6 of The Crown just know it was coming from my bedroom,’ the student revealed. 

Meg Bellamy, 19, was pictured filming scenes in an Italian restaurant in St Andrews last week. She was seen in a red shirt and waistcoat

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Meanwhile, eager students recreated scenes from the third series of the show, asking Netflix to hire them, while others claim that being an extra on the show could help them earn £250 for a day’s work. 

But while many enjoyed the Crown-mania taking over their university halls and town, not everyone welcomed their facilities being booked for filming. 

‘Imagine just trying to study or finish an essay and The Crown blocks off the library. I would cry,’ one said. 

‘Filming and construction in the library when exams are in a month! Lucky us,’ another said. 

‘Trying to get to class in sallies and fighting off camera crew is insane,’ another student noted. 

It was during his time at St Andrews that Prince William met and fell in love with fellow student Kate Middleton, now the Princess of Wales. 

They became friends in their first year before romance blossomed after William saw ‘hot’ Kate strut down a charity fashion show catwalk in a sheer dress.

They graduated in 2005 and William proposed five years later.

Meg’s rise is set to be meteoric after she was plucked from obscurity to play the Princess of Wales when she submitted a self-taped audition to the makers of the show after seeing the role advertised on social media.

Announcing the casting on Instagram last September, she wrote: ‘Pinch me please… So excited to announce that I will be playing Kate Middleton in Series 6 of Netflix’s The Crown.

‘It is such an honour to be joining the most incredible cast and crew and I will strive to do Kate justice.’ 

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