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A SHOCKING video showing a taxi driver hitting a cyclist with the wing mirror has divided users on social media.

The cyclist was riding along Newgate Street in central London – and said that it was one of the scariest experiences he had ever had.

The footage shows a cyclist moving out to overtake another cyclist in front of him.

Seconds later, the cabbie's wing mirror hit his back as the professional driver attempted to overtake at a pinch point.

The rider spoke to road.cc and said: "The wing mirror hit me as the taxi squeezed by inside the traffic island. I was passing another cyclist at the time, so there was barely any space to move away.

"I've cycled for 35 years or more, many through London and experienced all kinds — but this was one of the scariest I've ever had.


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"As a taxi driver, he clearly knew full well that immediately after this junction, it is a dual-lane road.

"So, unusually, a couple of weeks later, I did email the City of London police to ask what the status was since — as is usual — I hadn't even had an acknowledgement of the report.

The taxi driver accused the rider of swerving in front of him.

The rider added: "He also accused me of swerving in front of him — which was complete nonsense  — I was rolling up to the red light when it changed.

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"The cyclist ahead of me dropped to the side, and I picked up speed to pass the line of slower-moving cyclists but didn't change road position at all, as can be seen clearly in the rear footage.

"Once through the chicane and clear of other cyclists, I moved into the cycle lane and waved him on as I didn't want him behind me or to have any further engagement with him. 

Rule 72 of the Highway Code advises that cyclists should "ride in the centre of your lane, to make yourself as clearly visible as possible […] at the approach to junctions or road narrowings where it would be unsafe for drivers to overtake you", our reader told us he now "religiously" takes primary position in situations like this to avoid a repeat.

Users on social media are divided.

One said: "Here it is clear that the cyclist moves to the right to overtake the other cyclist without a shoulder check. It is his fault. The taxi could have waived, but the cyclist put himself in danger."

Another said: "The taxi driver went for a ridiculously close overtake and, in this case, actually hit the cyclist. Of course, he has something to answer for.

"There is no way the taxi driver should have been attempting to get past the other cyclists here, even if the camera cyclist hadn't been there. Terrible, unacceptable driving, and he deserves the punishment."

Another dozy driver was caught barreling down a cycle line with riders struggling to get out of the way.

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