Tesco caterpillar cake Curly goes viral after customers spot ‘morbid’ packaging

Caterpillar cakes have been at the centre of drama recently.

It all started after Marks & Spencer decided to take legal action to protect its Colin the Caterpillar cake after Aldi produced a rival called Cuthbert.

However, it's Tesco's version – Curly the Caterpillar – which has captured attention this weekend.

A photo of the cake's packaging as gone viral on Twitter as people noticed an "odd" detail about it.

The cardboard box shows Curly on the right-hand side looking content as he stares ahead.

However on the left-hand side is a slice of the cake, aka. Curly's body, and people can't believe he's seen staring at it.

One Twitter user took to the site as she noticed the awkward detail.

After sharing a screenshot of the packaging, she wrote to her 1,962 followers: "WHY IS HE LOOKING AT A SLICE OF HIMSELF"

The tweet has since gone viral, racking up nearly 3,000 retweets and 46,000 likes.

One person replied: "Either morbid curiosity at what he looks like inside when sliced open, or more likely thinking like me that he must taste great…"

While another called the situation "cannibalism".

A third chimed in: "Curly doesn’t appear to be the full shilling."

Meanwhile other people spoke up with other examples of packaging with similar designs.

One Twitter user shared: "Personal favourite: packets of pork scratchings illustrated with an anthropomorphic pig tucking into… pork scratchings. Or dressed as a butcher."

Another added: "See also: THE CHIP GOLEM, eating a portion of his own brain. A common sight in Belgium (and elsewhere, I'm told)."

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M&S revealed it was taking legal action again Aldi back in April.

The High Street giant lodged an intellectual property claim with the High Court alleging its German competitor's cake – also a caterpillar – infringes its trademark.

Maximising on the current popularity of Colin after his recent news headlines, one chippie is selling a battered Colin the Caterpillar.

Wow, poor Colin has certainly been through it lately hasn't he?

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