This Is The Relationship Advice You Need For 2021, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The new year is finally here — yay! Goodbye 2020 forever. With the new year comes both the opportunity for reflection on the past and to determine what you want to make of the future. Maybe this year you want to work on improving your relationship, whether that’s growing your connection and intimacy or taking a closer look at if it’s making you happy in its current form. One tool that can be very helpful in this situation is astrology, specifically what relationship advice you need to hear in 2021 based on your zodiac sign. According to Seth Vermilyea, zodiac expert, psychic, and tarot card reader, 2021 is going to be a great year for personal growth and increased self-awareness. "2020 has been a year of new experiences, introspection, and heightened self-awareness. Now, as the year turns, it’s time to experience self-awareness through a practice that gets you into your body," he says. It’s also a time when you can create real change in your love life in general, and your relationship specifically.

For some signs, small changes will be enough to have a majorly constructive impact on their connection to their partner, while others may have to consider bigger changes if they want to improve their emotional intimacy. Here’s what Vermilyea suggests are positive dating changes to incorporate into your life this year based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Be more playful.

Aries is naturally very highly driven. They’re all about the chase, but sometimes this can make them forget to focus on the present, and especially the past. As Vermilyea points out, however, this year is the time to self-reflect and find the things that offer lasting happiness. “If you’re ready to improve your love life this year, take some time to reflect on your past. And not just past romantic relationships. Remember when you were on the swings and felt like you didn’t have a care in the world? When you were with your best friend laughing and daring each other to jump off the swing? It’s time to bring that kind of intimacy to your relationships,” he explains.

Taurus: Explore your sexual desires.

Although Taurus is a very sensual sign, they also love a routine. Sometimes this desire for predictability and comfort can come at a cost to the intimacy in their relationships. Vermilyea says it’s time for a wakeup call in that department and to embrace exploration. “It’s easy for you to get into a rut (well, a lot of ruts) and you need to shake this one-off. If you want to improve your love life in 2021, it’s not about the quantity, it’s about acknowledging and indulging in your kinks and desires with someone you trust,” he says.

Gemini: Embrace your emotional side.

Gemini is known for being a thinker. They have a ton of intellectual curiosity and love to explore on an intellectual level. Vermilyea warns that sticking with this approach completely may be hindering their emotional intimacy in relationships. Gemini should make this the year they lean into their emotional side. “Staying in your head and analyzing everything to death isn’t going to help you improve your love life," explains Vermilyea. “But trusting your emotions and sharing them with the one you love will.”

Cancer: Be more decisive.

Cancer’s renowned for their empathy. This gift makes them wonderfully caring partners and friends, but it can also make coming to a decision challenging, as Cancer can’t help but see all sides and feel nervous about making the wrong choice. But dithering back and forth can also prevent them from getting what they truly need from their relationship, warns Vermilyea. “Your relationship can do with you being decisive for a bit rather than trying to please your partner all the time. And by the way, asking for what you need will also release some of the crankiness when your needs don’t align,” he says.

Leo: Make more room for “me” time.

It may come as a welcome surprise to Leo, but Vermilyea’s advice for the Lion this year is to focus on themself more. That’s right: 2021 is the year for Leo to give themself plenty of “me time,” he says. “Leo, it’s so easy for you to shine brightly! Well, to improve your relationship in 2021, you need a bit of time to yourself. Step out of the spotlight, reflect on what you want, and need most from your relationship. Then, when you’re ready, come back to the forefront and outshine everyone with your brilliance (probably around September).”

Virgo: Organize your finances.

Even hyper-structured Virgo can sometimes let some things slip through the cracks, but Vermilyea says this year their finances can’t be one of them, or it will impact their relationship. “Virgo, manage your money or it will manage you,” he says. “Do what you do best and make a plan, stick to it, and keep your partner to it as well. Without money worries, your relationship will start to relax a bit. And that’s most likely a huge change from 2020.”

Libra: Only keep positive relationships in your life.

Libra values balance and harmony in their life, so there’s a lot of appeal to being partnered, as, on its surface, this seems to bring balance. But not all relationships are built the same, and Vermilyea says 2021 is a good time to take a closer look at what fulfills Libra most in life — and if their relationship is meeting that criteria. “If you’re not feeling it, it’s time to go,” says Vermilyea. “Balance must be restored. It’s going to be a big change for you to trust your emotional state to inform what stays and what goes. But if you’d like a stronger relationship in the coming year, it’s time.”

Scorpio: Trust your instincts.

Trust is always a struggle for Scorpio. It comes down to that soft and loving water sign heart that they feel they always have to protect. But this approach breeds suspicion, which can get in the way of the deeper connection Scorpio desires most of all. “Rather than analyze everything to death, this year it’s time to shake it up and trust your instinct," says Vermilyea. "You’ve laid the groundwork and you’re already headed in the right direction when it comes to your relationships. So, the only change needed to improve your love life is to trust without verification. In the end, you’ll have all the answers you need.”

Sagittarius: Focus on growth.

Sagittarius is always seeking outward experiences to help themselves grow, whether that’s traveling the world or finding new opportunities for exploration closer to home to help them shape their worldview. But this year, Vermilyea says the greatest journey they can take is looking inward to confront who they are and what they want. Then, Sag can take that knowledge and apply it to their relationships. "Reflect on everything you’ve learned about yourself over the last year. How can you bring the best parts of your truest self to 2021?” he says.

Capricorn: Improve your communication skills.

Capricorn’s a powerful sign. They’re used to taking the lead and being the driving force in all areas of their life, including their relationships. While this can lead to a lot of success in their lives, it can also cause Cap to forget that communication is a two-way street; they need to listen as much as they speak. Vermilyea says the way to improve Cap’s relationship this year is to emphasize becoming a better communicator. “You need to open a dialogue. Ask questions and engage in a discussion when you receive an answer," he explains. "Butting heads won’t help you, but communication is bound to improve your relationship this year.“

Aquarius: Include your partner in decisions.

For a unique and independent personality like Aquarius, it’s natural to kind of go their way and make all their own decisions. They’ve gotten comfortable making all the calls in their life, but, when they’re partnered, Vermilyea says it can improve their relationship to bring their loved one into the loop, even on some of the small choices. “You’re no stranger to shaking things up when it suits you. But what about bringing that spontaneity to your partner?” asks Vermilyea. “Here’s the trick: be spontaneous in bringing them choice. Not only will the surprise be fun, but the joint decision in how you spend time together will be a bonding experience.”

Pisces: Slow down and take your time.

Pisces is all heart. They live for romance and want the happily ever after they’ve dreamed of. But sometimes that can lead Pisces to turn a blind eye to red flags and only see what they want to see. This year, Vermilyea says the key to Pisces having a happy relationship is to take off the rose-colored glasses and assess the people they date. And to slow things down a lot. “Don’t dive in, get emotionally attached, rent the U-Haul, and move in right away. Take your time and watch how your relationship builds over time. Then decide if it’s for you or not,” he says.

Making changes is rarely easy, but when it helps your relationship improve and grow, it can be totally worth it. Here’s to love in 2021!

Experts cited:

Seth Vermilyea, zodiac expert, psychic, and tarot card reader

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