This is what the tiny pocket on your jeans is actually there for

Ever wondered what those jeans pockets were for? Not the regular size ones, as obviously they’re for your phone, loose change or your keys.

We’re talking about those small pockets tucked inside the regular sized ones, usually placed on just one side.

It’s safe to say most people who own a pair of jeans would have noticed this tiny pocket detail, and maybe wouldn’t have thought about it’s purpose for more than a second.

It could surely be for a fashion purpose, or it could have a historic reason that will be sure to have your mind blown.

Well we don’t need to ponder this question any longer, as the mystery of this pocket has been revealed.

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It turns out that the tiny little pocket inside the larger pocket was originally designed for cowboys in the 1800s, to hold their pocket watches presumably to keep them safe whilst they were riding horseback.

Working men such as Carpenters, miners and railroad engineers would also use the small pouch to hold their watches.

However, bringing it back to 2021, where we now have wrist watches, and smart phones to tell the time, this specially designed pocket has now taken on a new form, in which we don’t really need a dedicated pocket for.

Levis Strauss and Co invented this tiny pocket two centuries ago, which is now commonly seen on their well known jeans and has kept it ever since.

A historian for Levis has said: “It appears on the oldest pair of waist overalls – the original name for jeans – in the Levi Strauss & Co. archives that date back to 1879.”

Throughout the earlier years this little pocket was a useful detail, but nowadays it usually sits empty.

Other fashion brands also use the small pocket created by Levi’s but may put in different places on the jeans, or try to hide it in other ways.

Keeping the tiny pocket to make it clear that the trousers are casual, and are not meant to be worn with a formal jacket, as you’ll never find this teeny pocket on a suit trouser.

But we love the idea of rethinking the function of it for this generation's trinkets, think of it as a pocket for your favourite lipstick, rings, or even your airpods!

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