Video: Brawl Breaks Out In Court After Man Accused of Shooting Girlfriend 22 Times Pleads Guilty to Murder

"He was laughing at my face," the mom of the 16-year-old victim said after lunging at her daughter's killer — also blaming his mother for raising him to be a "monster."

A brutal fight broke out in a Texas courtroom on Tuesday, after a man accused of killing his teenage girlfriend pled guilty to her murder.

Frank DeLeon Jr. pleaded guilty in exchange for a 45-year prison sentence on Tuesday in Houston, following the January 2022 murder of Diamond Alvarez. She was shot 22 times, after allegedly finding out he had been cheating on her and didn’t want her to tell the other woman about the relationship.

“Don’t ruin this for me,” he texted before the two met up to talk at a nearby park, where he then killed her.

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On Tuesday, Alvarez’s mother Anna Machado gave an impact statement in court, in which she reportedly called DeLeon Jr. a “monster” and blamed his mother for raising him to be that way. As she left the stand, she then lunged at her daughter’s killer — but was restrained — before Alvarez’s uncle did the same.

Per KHOU, a fight also broke out between Alvarez and DeLeon’s mothers, before the families were separated and the uncle was taken into custody.

It’s unclear if he will face charges.

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After the hearing, Alvarez’s family spoke with the press, with Machado apologizing for her actions.

“That was wrong of me, that was wrong of us, because we’re not monsters. But it’s so much hate, because I want my daughter back, and what he did was horrible,” she said through tears. “Seeing my daughter there and looking at him, that he did that, and he’s laughing at my face, it was very wrong and I’m so sorry for that. It should have never happened, but it happened.”

“When I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I accept that,” she added.

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“He’s a monster,” she continued, saying DeLeon didn’t show any remorse. “No, he was laughing in my face. All this time he’s been laughing. Laughing, making fun, it’s a joke. A life is not a joke. My daughter’s not a joke.”

“I’ve been fighting for justice, and today, finally, my daughter has her justice. He’ll be in there for 45 years. I’m not gonna get my daughter back, ever again. I want her back, I can’t. Hopefully, he’ll regret what he did,” she added. “But that’s on him. Now he has to face the consequences. I thank the lord for justice.”

DeLeon won’t be eligible for parole for at least 22.5 years. He’ll be back in court on Thursday for his official sentencing.

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