Wedding guest left with a 'sore bum' after Dirty Dancing's famed lift

Not having the time of her life! Wedding guest who tried to recreate Dirty Dancing’s famous lift says she was left with a ‘sore bum for two days’ after crashing to the floor

  • Adele Smith, 27, attended her friend Becky’s wedding in Dunfermline, Fife
  • She attempted to recreate the Dirty Dancing lift with Becky’s cousin Brian
  • Hilarious footage shows her falling to the ground after the stunt went wrong 

A wedding guest who made an impromptu decision to perform Dirty Dancing’s famed lift was luckily left with a ‘sore bum’ after plummeting to the ground when the stunt went horribly wrong.

Adele Smith, 27, from Dunfermline, was helping to celebrate her friends’ Becky and Rochelle O’Hagan-Tait’s wedding in Dunfermline, Fife, when she met Becky’s cousin Brian at the bar. 

Despite only sharing a couple of passing ‘hellos’ on April 9, once the music from ‘The Time of My Life’ started, the new acquaintances jumped into action.

Hilarious footage shows Adele sprinting towards Brian, who lifted her over his head before he toppled backwards due to her unbalanced momentum.

Adele Smith, 27, (pictured) from Dunfermline, was filmed failing to complete Dirty Dancing’s famed lift at her friends’ Becky and Rochelle O’Hagan-Tait’s wedding in Dunfermline, Fife

Adele (pictured) had shared a few ‘hellos’ with Becky’s cousin Brian, who she met at the bar, before attempting the stunt 

Adele sprinted towards Brian (pictured) when the song ‘The Time of My Life’ started, but he toppled backwards while trying to lift her up

Although Adele landed heavily on the dancefloor in front of a table of other guests, she escaped with just a sore bottom.

Adele said: ‘This was the first time I had ever met Brian and only had a couple passing “His” at the bar.

‘I had never danced with Brian before but when the dirty dancing song came on where they do the lift, the idea to try it popped into my head.

‘After several alcoholic beverages, you’re going to think of a bad idea or two. So, I looked for the biggest guy in the place and it was Brian.

Adele said the wedding was the first time that she and Brian had met and they had never danced together before 

Adele said the idea to try the famous lift from Dirty Dancing popped into her head when the iconic song begun 

Adele said she had several alcoholic beverages before looking for the biggest guy in the venue, which was Brian 

‘I looked at him and thought ‘he can definitely manage this’, and Brian looked at me and clearly thought the same.

‘I didn’t hurt myself apart from a sore bum for two days which was okay. I think because I had so much alcohol at that point, it saved me from hurting myself bad.

‘I actually managed to curl my head around Brian’s body as I fall down his back.

Adele said everyone was horrified after she fell, but she was soon back up dancing again and Brian was also uninjured 

‘Everyone was horrified and it almost felt like the room froze for a couple of minutes. Everyone screamed and thought an ambulance would need to be called, but I shot right back up.

‘One of the bride’s mothers was a general manager for Manchester A & E so she was right over telling me not to move but before she could finish her sentence, I was back up dancing again.

‘Brian was all good as well after falling backwards.’

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