Woman born with two vaginas and two wombs gives birth to 'miracle baby'

A woman who was born with two uteruses, two vaginas and two cervixes has fulfilled her dream of becoming a mum after years of trying.

Adel Varga, 29, first started suffering from painful periods when she was 14.

Even though she saw multiple doctors for over 10 years, she didn’t get a full diagnosis of her rare condition, Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome, until she was 28.

She was also told that she may never be able to have a baby.

The new mum, from Hungary, said: ‘I suffered with severely painful periods since the age of 14, and I knew something wasn’t quite right.

‘After going to the doctors and seeing different medics, I was misdiagnosed a couple of times as they were unsure what condition I was actually suffering with.’

‘When I was 20, I was eventually diagnosed with uterus didelphys, after it was discovered that I had a regular vagina and a blind vagina [a vagina blocked from the rest of the reproductive system by a wall of tissue], as well as a second cervix. It couldn’t be seen because of my blind vagina, which was full of menstruation blood.

‘In 2018, I underwent vaginal septum surgery which cut a hole, so the blood could flow out. After that, my periods were far more bearable, and it also got rid of years of bacterial vaginal infection.

‘I had been in a three-year relationship, which broke down at the start of 2020 – I believe – because my ex was concerned about my condition and ability to have children.

‘However, in August of that same year, I met my now-husband and on our very first date, I brought up the fact that I may never be a mother because of my condition.’

Adel, who met her husband, Balázs Pór, in 2020, started trying for a baby with him four months into their relationship.

‘After months of trying,’ she said, ‘I was not able to get pregnant, and when it had reached the 10-month mark, we decided to go to a fertility clinic for further examination.

‘They discovered that I also have chronic endometritis in both of my uteruses.

‘I started suffering with back pain on my left side, and one day it was so bad I thought I was suffering from kidney stones, so I was rushed for an ultrasound.

‘At the age of 28, I was told for the first time that I only have one kidney.’

This is when Adel at least got a correct diagnosis of Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome.

This is a condition that means a person was born with one kidney, uterus didelphys, two cervixes, and one normal and one blind vagina.

On the process of having their miracle baby, Adel said: ‘We created four embryos, and had one transferred in November 2022. Luckily our first IVF attempt was successful, which we were so shocked about because even the fertility doctor said he did not think we would succeed.

‘It was confirmed that I was finally pregnant on my birthday on December 1. I couldn’t believe it.

‘The pregnancy went really well, and my uterus was perfectly able to stretch. However, I was terrified throughout my pregnancy.

‘The baby was in my left uterus, and it was so strange to see my belly growing on one side.

‘I knew I was going to need to have a C-section because it would be safest for me and my baby.

‘However, Alice was born at 36 weeks via an emergency C-section, because I had developed preeclampsia – high blood pressure during pregnancy. She needed to be born as soon as possible otherwise I could have died.

‘We welcomed our daughter on July 11, and we feel very lucky to have our long-awaited healthy baby girl.

‘I am doing well, and I am adapting to sleepless nights. I am so thankful we had the opportunity to become parents.

‘We are not planning on having another child because the whole pregnancy was very stressful, and the preeclampsia is genetic, so it could easily happen again.’

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