Woman branded 'ridiculous' for wanting partner to rip ex out of photo

Woman is branded ‘ridiculous and immature’ for asking partner to get rid of framed photo with his ex on the day their daughter was born – even though he’d covered up his former partner in the snap

  • Woman took to British parenting site Mumsnet to complain about framed photo
  • Said it features her partner with his ex on day their daughter was born
  • She only realised ex was in it after piece of cardboard covering her face slipped 
  • Users branded her ‘immature’ for taking isssue with image of a happy memory  

A woman has been branded ‘ridiculous and immature’ after taking issue with her boyfriend keeping a photograph of his ex-girlfriend and daughter.

Posting on British parenting website Mumsnet, the woman explained her frustration with her boyfriend for hanging on to the family snap and said he should have at least torn his ex out of the picture. 

However, she admitted that the ex had been covered with a piece of cardboard and that she’d only realised she was in the picture when it slipped down in the frame. 

She claimed that she didn’t understand why he would still want a picture around their home, whether she is the mother of his child or not, and said he should have ‘ripped off’ the part of the photo with her in it. 

Her attitude shocked fellow users, with many pointing out that a photo of the day of his child’s birth is a happy memory for her partner, and that his ex’s face wasn’t even on display.  

The Mumsnet poster accepted that her view was probably not reasonable, but said she feels it’s ‘disrespectful’ to hang on to photos with an ex partner 

Explainint the situation, the woman said: ‘Partner has been split up from his ex for three years. They have a child together. I’ve been with him for a year.

‘He has a picture of the three of them when their child was just born, in a cabinet in his front room.

‘He’s had the image there for ages – since I’ve been with him but there was a piece of card in a heart shape covering her up. Today I saw it had slipped down and I could see her face.’

She told him in a ‘semi light-hearted way’ that he needed to get rid of it and questioned why he still had a picture with her. 

‘He immediately folded back the bit with her on it,’ she said. ‘I was happy at the time… but now I am thinking about it, why not remove the picture or rip the part with her on it off?

‘I might be being unreasonable, but they were together for eight years and I don’t understand why he would still want that picture around, whether or not she is the mother of his child. ‘They are amicable, not over friendly and I don’t think he would go back there, but I don’t get it.

‘I can’t help how I feel. For me, the past is the past and you don’t have images of your ex in plain view when you have a partner. I guess he feels otherwise.

‘OK I get it I’m the crazy partner. I think I’m probably skewed because my ex is awful and the thought of having an image of him in my house is absurd. Plus I’d think disrespectful to my current partner – apparently not though.’ 

The majority of commenters, branded the woman ‘too insecure’ and said that she needs to grow up, especially being in a relationship where there’s a child involved. 

Mutliple commenters told the woman that she needs to grow up or else end the relationship 

‘It’s not something that would bother me personally. It’s not like it’s a massive canvas over the fireplace or a shrine to her or something,’ one said.

Another added: ‘You are being silly. It’s a nice memory of a time, even if they’re no longer together, and will be lovely for his child to see later in life. It’s a photo! What else is going on in the relationship to make you so insecure?’

A fellow commenter didn’t mince their words, saying: ‘Rip out the face of the mother of his child. Really. That’s a reasonable solution to you? Your boyfriend should be running for the hills.’

And one Mumsnet user branded her view ‘ridiculous’, saying it would be ‘awful’ for her partner’s child to see her mother’s face ripped out of a photo.  

A small number of commenters said that they understoof why the woman didn’t like it and said that she’s entitled to feel unhappy about it 

However, a handful of commenters supported her, saying that she’s entitled to feel unhappy about it and agreed that they wouldn’t want him hanging on to the photo. 

‘It’s not needed,’ one said. ‘He can replace it with one of him and his child’. 

Others suggested that it’s fine to keep the photos in the house, but they should be kept in the child’s bedroom and not be displayed.  

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