Woman exposes man who bought Pandora rings for girlfriend and mistress

Being cheated on is one of the worst forms of betrayal.

Finding out that the one you love is straying, is a difficult truth to digest.

But how would you like to discover the secret? Would you prefer a friend, a stranger or a shop assistant from Pandora to disclose the revelation?

Well, the latter is being praised for exposing an adulterous man online.

TikTok user @ferreiroche has gone viral after she called out an adulterous partner in a video.

The clip, which has now been viewed over 2.1 million times, shows the Pandora shop assistant from Montreal in Canada sharing an uncomfortable secret.

‘If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in mtl, he just bought two rings for ‘his girl and sidepiece,’ she captioned the video.

She goes on to share the two rings which he purchased. One is a heart-shaped ruby stone on a silver band, and the other is a classic clear diamond.

The woman finishes the video by saying ‘you deserve better’ and confirmed in the comments that the man shared his secret after she asked if he wanted gift receipts.

Gotta support my girls #foryou #fyp

Those in the comments praised her honesty.

‘This girl is doing gods work,’ wrote one user.

Another said: ‘What’s done in the dark will always come to light.’

While one viewer added: ‘Yes queen having other girls back.’

However, some wondered if she was going against company policy by sharing the story.

In another video, the woman declared that she has since quit her job.

‘I actually quit last week and waited for my last shift to expose this cheater,’ she said.

While the girlfriend of Jake has not been found yet, we hope she discovers the truth soon.

Because she most certainly deserves better than that.

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