Woman has extreme blackout tattoo – but people say arm looks like it’s rotting

A Twitch streamer has hit back at the negative comments from people when they realised she's got her arm covered in ink.

Runa, who boasts 595,000 followers on TikTok, showed off her blackout tattoo in one of her now-viral videos.

"Having a whole arm tattooed solid black," the overlay text states as she removes one sleeve to show the special inking – covering from her shoulder all the way down to her wrist.

The inside of her arm is tattooed with some floral patterns.

She then shared some of the questions she got from people, as a few asked if the tattoo hurts and the meaning behind the huge tattoo.

"Your arm looks like it's rotting," and "so you're partially black," are also two of the common comments she received.

Others tried to guess if the tattoo could be a reference to music duo 21 pilots.

Runa answered them in the comments and explained: "I’m not saying all of these questions annoy me.

"It’s more like what I can expect to hear from people most often!

"Yeah my arm is rotting because I am actually a Minecraft zombie."

Blackout inking is popular among tattoo fans and one man has turned his entire body into a black canvas.

Remy, from Canada, spent over £175,000 to put hundreds of tattoos on his body.

His torso and arms are completely covered in ink so his winged skulls tattoo can be the focal point on his body.

He said: "Aside from the obvious tattoo progress I've been working on my physique.

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"I've got a lot left to do on that note, but I'm not afraid of doing the work. I see myself get a little better with every year that passes.

"And I think it's a total shame that so many people think ageing has to be a bad thing.

"Every tomorrow is another chance to progress or decline, and the choice is almost always yours."

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