Woman in tears after being kicked out of gym for ‘showing belly’ in sports bra

A devastated woman has said she was "fat-shamed" by getting kicked out of her gym due to her outfit.

Shelby Bellz, from US, broke down in tears when she recalled the shocking incident and believed that it had more to do with her size than what she was wearing.

In an emotional clip posted on TikTok, Shelby sits inside her car and explains that she was kicked out of the gym because she failed to meet the dress policy.

"I just went to the gym and the lady at the front desk said that they have a policy, you’re not allowed to wear sports bras to the gym, that you can’t be showing your belly," she says then turns the camera to show her gym outfit.

Shelby is seen wearing a black bra top and a matching leggings, showing an inch of her stomach.

Eventually the receptionist let her in as a one-time exception and Shelby had to wear a wristband to show that she was exempt and allowed to go in the premise.

"I’m 15 minutes in on the treadmill and the programme co-ordinator came up to me and asked me to leave," she continues as tears start to fall.

"I am so embarrassed."

Her video has pulled in 360,000 views and thousands of viewers showed support to Shelby and left her body-positive comments.

In a later post, she further explained that she believed she was forced to leave because of her size.

She said: "Number one is how the lady at the front desk spoke to me. I said, ‘Oh we’re not allowed to wear a sports bra?’ And she said, ‘Well we can’t just have our bellies hanging out,’ in a belittling tone.

"That already is not okay.

"I genuinely believe that if that was a smaller woman standing there at the counter that they would not have said that to her."

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A viewer said: "You are beautiful and you rock that outfit. Don't let them steal your joy."

A second added: "Time to cancel your membership and go somewhere else. Hugs."

But some said similar dress policies are the same at most gyms and suggested the issues are more of a hygiene problem.

"It's not about your weight, it's about skin-on-skin bacteria transfer," one wrote. "They can't promise the person laying on the bench before you wiped it down or that they don't have fungus. My ex got ringworm that way."

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