Woman takes bikini pics seconds apart to show how easy it is to hide tummy rolls

Every body is a bikini body – and one woman just proved why.

Sophie Louise Hughes has been praised after showing off her "real" bikini body online. The pink-haired beauty, who boasts over 46,600 followers, is known for her body positive content.

Recently, she showed just how much posing can alter your body by sharing candid comparison pictures. She posed proudly in swimwear as she showed off her natural tummy.

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She was pictured at the beach wearing a colourful halter neck bikini with her hair tied back. Sophie appeared make-up free, while wearing a pair of black sunglasses, as she smiled for the camera.

Two pictures were shared side-by-side – one showed her posing, and sucking in, while the other one showed her sitting naturally. The snaps revealed just how much your body can change by posing in slightly different ways.

Sophie looked amazing in both pictures and was proud to show off her tum. She showed that women should be confident to show off their natural bodies, as social media isn't always as it seems.

Writing on Instagram, Sophie said: "If we accept ourselves only from the best angles we don’t accept ourselves at all. It’s so easy to have a warped view of our bodies and I remember when I first started sharing my journey on IG I was so confronted by the images I was taking, all the worst angles.

"Did my body really look like that? Why didn’t other people’s bodies look like that?

"I didn’t grow up in a world that kept it real but I am so determined that the little loves in my life will grow up in safe space filled with self love, and that the next generation won’t be taught to hate themselves so deeply it will take decades to undo."

Since she shared the post several people have liked it, and her followers were quick to comment too. Fans told her they "love" her content, and the message she conveys to women.

One person commented: "You are an amazing woman." Another wrote: "I think you look better 'just existing'."

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