Working from home Brits spark debate on Reddit after people opt to use café WiFi

After over a year of working from home, many people have now been urged by the Prime Minister to get back into the office.

However for some, working from home or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection is still the reality.

This university student has been met with the same dilemma of getting bored of working inside the same four walls and is hoping for a change of scenery.

Having the bright idea of working from a coffee shop, the student was left concerned about overstaying their welcome at the café.

They took to Reddit to ask people for their opinion on coffee shop etiquette with having titled the post: “What’s a respectable amount of time to stay in a coffee shop?”

Speaking of their dilemma, they added: “I’m a student and now the weather is getting s*** for winter and I actually need to get work done. I was thinking of going into coffee shops as they have Wi-Fi.

“So I was wondering what’s the maximum amount of time I could respectfully stay in the coffee shop and if there’s any variables like how much I buy or how busy it is.

“Or does the amount of time I spend in there depend on which spacing palace it is?”

The desperate student pleaded: “Please help me wise people of Reddit.”

The people of Reddit quickly took the comments to offer the original poster some clarity on the coffee shop situation, with many ending up in a debate.

One person commented: “My friend owns a deli/coffee shop and has said that he's fine with people staying if they ask and it's a quiet day.”

Another user added: “A coffee an hour is a good rule of thumb to go by, but if they're busy make sure you're not taking up table space for people who'll be coming in for lunch/something more substantial.”

A third person suggested: “In my humble opinion: coffee equals half hour at a busy place, 1 hour at a slow time. Extend your stay with a snack!”

While someone else stated: “If you’re buying things then stay forever, if you buy one coffee and stay for hours then you’re a d***.”

However, some users told the student to not listen to the ‘coffee an hour’ advice to avoid over consuming caffeine.

One person said: “Most coffee shops want to look busy and be open to WFH types. Just buy stuff, you'd be off ya t*** drinking coffee all day long…mix it up.”

Someone else added: “Don’t listen to all these people saying coffee an hour. You’ll be wired by the third hour. Just order a drink and a snack, sip the drink slowly and nibble on the snack. Take your time.

“Most places won’t really care. If it starts getting really busy just be considerate and don’t be a t***.”

How long do you think you should stay in a coffee shop before you overstay your welcome?

Let us know in the comments!

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