You’ve been eating toast wrong as foodie shares method for ‘life-changing’ taste

You might think you're a culinary wizard, but sometimes even the experts get it wrong in the kitchen.

Something as simple as cooking pasta could be wrong after top chefs revealed their tips for the Italian food.

When it comes to boiling eggs, apparently we've been doing that wrong too.

Now to spare us the embarrassment, experts have revealed how to eat toast – and this way is a game-changer.

The masterminds at EatThis said you can elevate the taste of toast based on the way you hold the bread.

And this way is so delicious that it might even "change your life".

The food experts said: "First, make sure your toppings pass the upside-down test.

"If so, eat your toast topping-side down so that your tastebuds get the most out of the toast-eating experience.

"This totally goes against the grain (ha ha), but trust us."

In other food tips, it was previously revealed that Brits have been eating their Yorkshire puddings wrong.

Previously, a former KFC worker spilled the beans on how to get free food and three other secret tips.

Josh, wearing his old KFC cap, said there are simple ways to get more out of your meal and shared it with his TikTok followers.

Starting off, he said: "If you don't want a drink, you can just swap it for a side."

"When I was working there literally nobody knew this when they were ordering."

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