EXCL: Logan Paul wants to 'avenge' Dillon Danis' attacks on Nina Agdal

Logan Paul wants to make Dillon Danis’ face look like ‘ground beef’ as he looks to ‘avenge’ disgusting attacks on fiancee Nina Agdal and make her ‘proud’… but he knows there is no coming back from a loss

  • Dillon Danis has continuously shared personal photos of Nina Agdal to Twitter
  • The MMA fighter is targeting the model to get to Logan Paul ahead of their bout 
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Dillon Danis’s trolling of Logan Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, is only providing his rival with extra ammunition, a source revealed to DailyMail.com. 

The MMA fighter has incessantly attacked the model by posting personal and often intimate photos of her to get under Paul’s skin ahead of their fight on October 14. 

The 30-year-old’s trolling, which he escalated to a shocking level last month by sharing an X-rated video of Agdal, led to her suing him for harassment and there is nothing Paul would like to see more than Danis punished for his attacks. 

In fact, the YouTuber-turned-boxer is ready to avenge his fiancee in the ring with Danis’s trolling only adding more fuel to the fire for the showdown in Manchester, England.  

‘With Dillon’s constant trolling, Logan’s attitude has only changed to hating Dillon even more,’ a source close to Paul told DailyMail.com. 

Logan Paul (left) will look to avenge Dillon Danis’s (R) trolling of Nina Agdal (far left) in the ring 

Danis has been targeting the Danish model as a way to get under his rival’s skin 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer wants to make his fiancee proud in the October 14 fight 

‘He’d love to see him arrested and be held accountable for all the trolling. Logan wants to get in the ring right now and make Dillon’s face have a similar look to ground beef. He literally hates him. 

‘Logan is training as hard as possible, and in his mind and his team’s mind, he must win. There is no other option that can happen. 

‘If Logan loses this fight, it will be the biggest embarrassment for him professionally ever and he will never be able to forgive himself or talk himself out of it. He wants to make Nina proud and avenge all that she has been put through. Knocking out Dillon is what needs to happen, anything else would not be a good look.’ 

Agdal filed the lawsuit earlier this month, alleging that she has suffered humiliation, emotional distress and reputational harm from Danis’s posting, claiming he has shared ‘despicable’ things about her more than 250 times since his bout against her fiancee was announced.

Danis was served on Monday after a week of avoiding process servers, including claims he had fled to North Korea. 

However, despite finally being served in the lawsuit, he has continued to take shots at the Danish beauty. 

On Tuesday he posted a photo of her in a G-string bathing suit, following by a bikini mirror selfie Wednesday as he continues to antagonize his opponent. 

He further hit out at Agdal Thursday by claiming she was lying to Paul to save her image. 

The former Victoria’s Secret model filed a harassment lawsuit against Danis earlier this month 

Paul proposed to Agdal in July during a romantic getaway after one year of dating 

Danis shared a photo of a half-naked Agdal to X on Tuesday morning, a day after he was served

‘No federal crime has been committed,’ the MMA fighter replied to a tweet from Paul calling him a predator. ‘You’re just listening to the lies of your fiancée in order to save her self-image. Everything is public, and I will prove that. It’s not my fault you didn’t Google her name before you put a ring on that T***.’ 

A further comment on X was targeted at Agdal. ‘I’m actually flattered that she thinks I’m smart enough to hack a Snapchat,’ he wrote. ‘And also, as if years ago I knew they were going to get married and kept them for this moment’, alongside an emoji crying with laughter.

His last comment came in reference to a video of Agdal he posted on August 28, in which she talked about her ‘desire for intimacy during a period of celibacy.’

Agdal, who previously enjoyed a one-year relationship with Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, says in the now-viral clip: ‘By the way, I’m very proud of myself because this is the longest I’ve gone without sex since I’ve started. 

‘Obviously, it’s driving me crazy. I am struggling, I need penis inside of me, ASAP.

She concludes the video by saying: ‘So if any of you guys know a good d*** that doesn’t have STD’s on it. I’ll take it, right here.’

Danis took to X to reply to Paul’s comments, and to respond to Agdal’s legal proceedings

Danis shared a shocking video online of Agdal explicitly talking about her need for sex

Agdal claims the video was saved in her Snapchat archive, ‘suggesting Danis had hacked [her] personal account or had obtained the private video from someone who had done so.’ 

The case also states that although Agdal ‘had self-recorded that video, she never sent that private video recording to anyone.’  

Agdal, a former Victoria’s Secret model, is seeking unspecified damages but no less than $150,000 per violation of the federal law prohibiting the sharing of intimate images.

She also filed for a restraining order, which was temporarily granted with an injunction also granted against Danis from posting any content about her that was ‘obtained without consent’ or ‘sexually explicit photographs’ of her.

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