How Title IX shaped women’s sports, education, opportunities in Colorado

It’s been 50 years since the 37 words that make up Title IX were signed into law. The impact it’s had on Colorado and the country at large since its passage has been immense.

Doors that had once been closed in athletics and academia were suddenly jarred loose, making way for five decades of progress that have allowed Colorado women to reach heights once believed to be unreachable. Yet inequities remain in a state that’s produced its fair share of elite female athletes but still doesn’t have a major professional women’s sports team within its borders.

As Title IX approaches its 50th birthday, The Denver Post series looks back at some of Colorado’s greatest female athletes, examines the effect the landmark legislation has had on the state and also looks ahead to an uncertain future.

Colorado is producing some of the world’s best female athletes 50 years after embracing Title IX

As Title IX hits its 50th anniversary, The Denver Post celebrates the legacy of Colorado’s best female athletes and how a state with a progressive attitude toward women’s sports allowed players to succeed. Read more…

The Top 50 most influential women in Colorado sports history

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Title IX through the decades

In the five decades since Title IX was passed, here are five athletes who helped shape their time:

  • 1970s: Carol Baily
  • 1980s: Tanya Haave
  • 1990s: Ceal Barry
  • 2000s: Caryn Jarocki
  • 2010s: Lindsey Horan

Check back throughout the week to read more about these Colorado icons. 

Vintage photo found in a Denver thrift store shows a Victorian-era women’s basketball team played in Colorado just one year after the game was invented

The history behind this vintage photo shows that the team played its first game in 1892, just one year after basketball was invented. Read the full story on Saturday, June 18. 

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