Leigh Wood vs Michael Conlan LIVE RESULTS: Wood scores incredible KO win as Conlan falls through ropes in disturbing end

LEIGH WOOD scored an incredible KO victory as Michael Conlan fell through the ropes after an epic 12 round fight.

The pair traded blows in a truly incredible fight in Nottingham.

Conlan was in charge for the first half of the fight, even scoring a knockdown in round one, before Wood rallied and impressed in the latter rounds.

Irishman Conlan was struggling late on before being KO'd through the ropes and falling out of the ring as Wood landed a heavy right hand.

Medical immediately dealt with Conlan, who was later carried out of the arena floor on a stretcher.

It was later reported he was awake and responding backstage.

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  • Ian Tuckey

    Conlan chatted to fans as he left

    Michael Conlan was well enough to talk to to fans as he was carried out of the ring.

    Medics acted quickly – and in line wit5h standard procedures – after he was knocked clean out of the ropes as Leigh Wood retained his WBC featherweight crown with an 11th round TKO.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Home fans praised for respect to Conlan

    Leigh Wood's call for the partisan Nottingham crowd to tame their celebrations while KO'd Michael Conlan lay stricken has been widely praised.

    And social media also gave plaudits to the supporters for responding so well.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Here's how it ended…

    This is the moment Leigh Wood showed why he is so dangerous late in a fight – as he finished off Michael Conlan in the 11th round.

  • Ian Tuckey

    'Never seen a finish like that'

    Fight fans saluted Leigh Wood's incredible victory over Michael Conlon to retain his WBA featherweight title.

    Britain's IBF flyweight champ Sunny Edwards reckons 'exhaustion' got to Conlan in th end.

    And he said: "Great fight for both and Wood really did pull it out of the bag when needed."

    And one fan said: "Don't think I have ever seen a finish like it – incredible!"

  • Ian Tuckey

    Plaudits for Wood's sensational win

    Leigh Wood's explosive right-hand KO win capped a thrilling bout.

    And his comeback from a first-round knockdown was hailed on social media.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Conlan on stretcher

    Fans cheer to wish beaten Conlan well as he will be carried out.

    Wood turned the fight in the middle rounds after looking in serious trouble following a first-round knock-down.

    But it still seemed his only way to victory was a knockout – which he delivered in stunning fashion.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Conlan conscious after 11th round KO

    Medics are showing their concern as Michael Conlan has an oxygen mask on his face.

    But that's a normal precaution.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Winner Wood shows concern for Conlan

    Wood asks fans to stay calm as he knocked Conlan straight out of the ring between the ropes to clinch a dramatic win.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Sensational: Conlan KO'D in final seconds

  • Ian Tuckey

    Furious finish

    Both men swing wildly in the middle.

    Wood sends Conlan clean out of the ring!

  • Ian Tuckey

    Wood lands on chin

    Wood's right upper-cut rattles the challenger's chin.

    But Conlan storms back with a battery of blows.

    Somehow, though, Wood turns the tide after being hit by two humdingers.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Conlan evading Wood

    Conlan landed a testing right jab and a southpaw left as Wood struggles to ram home his late assault.

    Wood might need a stoppage to win this.

  • Ian Tuckey

    ROUND 11: Wood vs Conlan

    Into the last two rounds – with Wood the assertive fighter.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Wood storming forward

    The Nottingham hero lands a firm right and then a fierce left as Conlan faces serious trouble.

    It leaves Conlan getting a warning for clinging on.

    The round ends with two minutes of non-stop attacking from Wood.

  • Ian Tuckey

    ROUND 10: Wood vs Conlan

    Their heads rocked together on the inside when they both fainted to punch.

    Conlan's nifty footwork keeps him out of danger when Wood tries to plough forward.

    And Wood is twice caught by that decisive left-looper from Conlan – before roaring back fiercely.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Conlan nicks ninth round (?)

    Wood is warned by his corner to to stop getting hit by Conlan's overhead left-handers.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Wood pressing

    Brave Wood presses forward but is caught with a counter-jab – then a lead jab.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Conlan shakes off bad spell

    Conlan has reasserted himself after Wood fought back well in the seventh and eighth rounds.

  • Ian Tuckey

    ROUND 9: Wood vs Conlan

    Conlan lands a useful right jab, then a body shot, before twice jolting the chin of Wood.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Conlan leading overall but Wood's turned the tide

  • Ian Tuckey

    Could go either way..

    These two are swapping mighty blows – and the slippery Conlan appears shaky.

    The round ends with two MORE left-hand loopers from Conlan, though.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Round 8: Wood vs Conlan

    Unbelievably Wood now looks on top, scoring well from a southpaw stance.

    Again they are squaring up and almost wrestling at times in the centre of the ring.

    And suddenly it's Wood who looks the physically stronger and fresher.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Wood finishes seventh in style

    Wood rounded off the best round of the night so far with a counter-attack that truly troubled Conlan.

    The Belfast challenger responded with the final clean blow of the three minutes.

    But despite his bloodied nose and first-round knockdown Wood is back in this.

  • Ian Tuckey

    ROUND 7: Wood vs Conlan

    Conlan again begins powerfully – but Wood responds threateningly.

    The Irishman looks elusive before weaving in for two useful shots to the torso.

    Wood replied with two hopeful shots but paid for it as Conlan landed a cleaner hit.

  • Ian Tuckey

    Conlan fends off Wood

    They're stuck in the centre as the fight gets increasingly gruelling.

    Conlan then lands two fierce body shots – surely sapping Wood's energy at the end of the round.

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