Paige Spiranac defends Tiger Woods over cheating on his wife and calls for end to 'cancel culture'

PAIGE SPIRANAC has defended Tiger Woods for cheating on his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

The scandal came to light in November 2009, when Rachel Uchitel was named as the first of at least 12 mistresses seen by the legendary golfer.

Woods, 45, was heavily criticised at the time, and dropped by a number of sponsors.

But Spiranac, 27, believes that people were 'too hard' on Woods, and called for an end to 'cancel culture'.

Speaking on her podcast, Playing a Round, she said: "Even when all this was happening, I think people were being too hard on him.

"You look at your own life and the things you’ve done, no one lives a perfect life, we all make mistakes.

"It’s not like he killed someone, he cheated. A lot of people cheat in their lifetime.

"Probably 99.9 per cent of people have done something bad in their life.

"It’s not for people to sit on their couch and make him out to be a monster when I don’t think anyone could have handled that any better than he has.

"Let’s get rid of cancel culture and help these people, because you don’t know what they are going through.

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee)

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee)

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee)

"I don’t think any of us could handle that spotlight, it’s insane."

Woods' form slipped dramatically following the collapse of his marriage to Nordegren, having previously dominated the sport in unprecedented fashion.

But he persevered and finally managed to return to the Majors' Winners' Circle – triumphing at the 2019 Masters at Augusta.

His ability to win another has been put into question, however, after recently having to undergo back surgery.

But Rory McIlroy has backed the golf idol to again come back stronger.

The Northern Irishman, 31, said: "I think they were just trying to clean a couple of little bits up.

"Obviously he won't be playing for the next couple of months, but he should be back for the Masters, if not before that. So I think he'll be just fine."

Charlie Woods is a mini Tiger

Woods has been using his spare time to coach 11-year-old son Charlie, who appears to be gifted in the sport just like his father.

A video surfaced last month of the pair sporting near-identical swings, with Spiranac among those impressed.

She wrote 'Charlie Woods is a mini Tiger', before adding 'this is wild'.

Uchitel, meanwhile, is believed to be writing a 'tell all' book more than ten years on from the affair.

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