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THEY’VE never been shy, retiring types – but Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy have been extremely candid about their sex life. 

Since starting their Therapy Crouch podcast this year Abbey, 37, and Peter, 42, have become even more open about what they get up to in the bedroom. 

Peter was once asked what he’d be if not a footballer and famously quipped: “A virgin”.

And now the couple’s recent revelation over Peter’s use of sexy emojis left some fans in hysterics. 

It's not the only saucy confession they've made in their 18-year relationship.

From role play to Strictly sex marathons, we reveal the Crouches' sauciest ever sex stories.


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'Freak in the bed' 

On their podcast Pete joked he had never scored until he met Abbey in a Liverpool nightclub in 2005.

He had netted two goals in a match against Wigan the night they met – and referred to Abbey as his “hat trick”.

But model Abbey insisted she made him wait for nookie because she isn’t a “complete ho” – but described her bedroom style as “Lady on the street, freak in bed”.

Peter joked back while referring to Ludacris’s song Nasty Girl: “Clean in the workplace, dirty in the sheets.”

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Nordic and naughty

Abbey admitted she's a 'freak in the bed'Credit: Instagram

Abbey confessed she’d love to dress Peter as a sexy Viking to spice things up after watching a show about the Nordic pillagers. 

She said: “I would love you to get jealous. The only time you got jealous was when I was watching that Viking thing. 

“There's this show, The Vikings and they are all unreal. Vikings is a thing.”

She added: "When I watched that show. They're just cool. Even the girls are as hard as nails. But hot as anything."

Peter protested he would look more like Rodney Trotter – getting Vikings confused with Gladiators. 

He joked to his wife: “You started going to me, ‘Why don't you be like a Viking?’

“Have you seen Only Fools And Horses, have you seen when Rodney dresses up as a Gladiator? 

Emoji code 

Abbey branded Peter “vile” for the emoji code he sends her when he’s in the mood. 

The couple – who have four children together, two boys and two girls called Sophia, Liberty, Jack and Johnny – say they get frisky when the kids are at school. 

But Abbey claims Peter ruins the mood with his grotesque texts. 

She said: "I just don't know how long I can go on with these sexual emojis that you keep sending me.

“If the kids go to school and he hears me like, put the key in the door, I'm in and no one's in the house, I just get a beaver and an aubergine emoji text. 

"I'm not even gonna say the last one but you can imagine what it is." 

Peter confirmed: "There's three emojis." 

Abbey described the third emoji: "I've got a bit of hydration in there. How vile is that? Am I supposed to go, 'Oh yeah, now I'm bang up for it'."

She added: "Do you think you're going to get lucky with those messages?"

Crouch replied: "I'm just letting you know, I'm just putting my cards on the table."

Post Strictly sex marathon

While competing on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013, Abbey placed Peter on a football-style sex ban. 

But after 13 weeks in the wilderness, Abbey went on to win the series – which was no doubt a relief to Peter who then played for Stoke City. 

Abbey told the Daily Star: "Let's just say Peter is looking forward to having me back. 

“He just kissed me and twirled me around when I won. I need to spend some quality time with him."

Pussy galore

Abbey has told how the only thing that can put her off sex with Pete is having their beloved pet cat in the room. 

Peter said the cats had become a bone of contention – especially when he could hear them doing their business in their litter boxes. 

He said: "So you know whatever happens in our bedroom, you know if I'm relaxing, in the bath, sleeping… There might be the odd occasion where you know things may progress…"

Peter continued: "Well it always seems to be like when you're doing any of those things, I hear the rustling of stones."

Abbey replied: “I would never have sex in front of our cat. Let's just put that out there.”

Peter then added: “Honestly, every time you hear the rustling of stones and you just think to yourself, cat's having a s***.”

Quality not quantity

Abbey revealed how with four kids the duo are “lucky” to get down to business once every fortnight. 

The pair laughed after a listener claimed his sex life had dwindled to only once every two weeks. 

The fan wrote in: “Naturally as the years have gone by things have started to slow down a bit. This has gotten worse over the past six months and we are lucky if we get it on once every couple of weeks."

Abbey responded: "That sounds bloody fine. I think he's lucky, him." 

Peter chipped in: "Peter, 42, from Surrey is that.”

Abbey continued: "I think he should grow up, once every two weeks, what's he complaining about?"

Hair dryer treatment

Abbey revealed she uses a trick to confuse her frisky husband while drying her hair.

She said Peter used to always try it on while she used the hairdryer in the nude so she banned him from the bedroom. 

But after he ignored the ban she devised a double knotting system for her dressing gown to slow him down. 

She said: “It drives me insane. I’ve come up with a new tactic with the dressing gown.

“Instead of tying the belt at the front, I tie it at the back. It’s like ‘how do I untie this thing?’ It works a treat.”

Asked by Peter why she would not want him admiring her, she replied: “I do.”

Playing footsy

Abbey once revealed how she had to get a custom bed made to accommodate Peter’s 6ft 7 frame.

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As a young couple, they made the purchase after Pete’s feet stuck out the end of a regular sized bed which usually measures 6ft 5. 

She told This Morning in 2008: "It'll be the first time Pete's feet are not going to stick out the end."

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