Sky Sports’ Summer of Sustainability: Highlighting the impact of climate change at major sporting events

Sky Sports will highlight the impact of climate change at some of the UK’s highest-profile sporting events this summer, ahead of the UK hosting the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November.

As part of this, Sky Sports viewers will see how Sky, working with governing bodies at some of the biggest sporting events of the summer such as The Open and British Grand Prix, are helping sports to run and broadcast sustainable events.

On Wednesday, Sky Sports News will kick off the Summer of Sustainability with a day of live news coverage, telling stories of positive climate action among sportspeople, clubs and organisations in the UK.

  • Sky Sports x Sky Zero: Sustainability in sport

Sky Sports News will aim to highlight situations where climate change has impacted sports venues and people, to show how serious the situation is becoming and to encourage its audience to take their own climate action steps.

Presenter David Garrido will lead the coverage for Sky Sports News and he and our reporters will broadcast from Tottenham – the most sustainable Premier League club – McLaren, Royal St. George’s, The Oval, Tokyo with the Olympics looming, Leeds Rhinos, Forest Green Rovers and many more, with every sport and club telling their own sustainable story.

Summer Of Sustainability

A number of climate change editorial features will be aired during The Open and British Grand Prix, including a 30-minute golf documentary and a lifestyle piece with Nico Rosberg.

Later in the summer, Sky Sports Cricket will feature a short-form documentary, Cricket’s Climate Crisis, and The Lions and The Hundred will also achieve albert certification as well as showcase some of the climate change initiatives taking place in these sports and their coverage.

Sky Zero key messaging

  • We’re going net zero carbon by 2030.
  • We believe in a better world. From being the first media company to go carbon neutral, to launching the world’s first auto-standby set-top box.
  • At Sky, we’ve been committed to reducing our impact on the environment for 15 years. Now we’re going further, helping our customers and suppliers do less harm too, and becoming net zero carbon by 2030.
  • Net zero means doing zero harm to the planet through carbon emissions. Because the world can’t wait.

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