Wanda Nara confirms she IS back to Mauro Icardi over claims PSG star cheated by sending texts to Argentine model

WANDA NARA has confirmed she has made up with her footballer husband Mauro Icardi after he allegedly exchanged intimate messages with an Argentine model.

The footie wag and agent revealed she came close to divorcing the Paris Saint-Germain striker.

But the mum-of-five claimed her partner made her realise life without him would mean nothing after he penned a romantic letter to her which helped heal their rift.

The 34-year-old model and influencer last night demonstrated her eight-year romance with Icardi was back on by posting a photo of them kissing and embracing on her Instagram.

The revelation came after she had cold-shouldered her husband’s attempts to win her back for more than a week, posting selfies on social media without her wedding ring and claiming she felt better without it.

The couple, parents to two children, had a public falling out over alleged cheat claims sparked by the PSG’s striker’s relationship with stunning Maria Eugenia Suarez.

Wanda told an Argentinian showbiz journalist in a private message the weekend before last: “I’m separated” after leaving the family home in Paris and flying to Milan.

But late yesterday she confirmed the couple’s week of woes was behind them to the delight of her 9.6 million Instagram followers by telling them: “We had the liberty to put our eight-year story behind us.

"But with our souls tired of tears, we freely choose one another again. I love you @mauroicardi.”


Wanda also wrote: “The photos I’ve been posting in the last few months showed how well we were doing and how happy we were.

“After what happened I was very hurt.

“Every day I asked Mauro for a divorce. When he realised there was no going back, he said we couldn’t continue that way and that if separating was the only way of ending such pain, we should do it.

“We went to see a lawyer. In two days Mauro accepted all the conditions and we signed the agreement.

“The following day he wrote me a letter like no-one else has ever written before which said: “I gave you everything and you have everything, and I hope you can be happy because that would make me happy.

“And that was when I realised something; that having everything, I have nothing if I am not with him.

“I’m sure this bad moment we went through will make us stronger as a couple and as a family.”


Icardi, who missed training and a key Champions League match for his team at the start of last week because of his marriage woes, posted the same photo his wife used to confirm she had forgiven him on his Instagram.

The very public make-up followed a soap opera week of twists and turns in which the football star had seemed oblivious to Wanda’s dismissal of his claims they had decided to put their troubles behind them.

Icardi, 28, flew to Milan to persuade his wife to return to the marital home but she continued to promote the idea she wanted little more to do with him.

Wanda compared herself to Lady Di, who famously divorced Prince Charles following reports he had cheated on her with Camilla Parker Bowles, in one of her posts.

Suarez, confirming she was the “third woman in discordance”, ended up being dragged into the saga last Wednesday and put the blame at Icardi’s feet by insisting: ”What occurred is a situation I didn’t start, I didn’t encourage and I didn’t provoke.”

Appearing to blame the footballer for deceiving her although she didn’t name him, she said in an Instagram Story: “There’s a much bigger and deeper story behind what’s happening today which many women are going to identify with.

“I’ve got mixed up with men whose words I always believed, that they were separated or separating and there were no conflicts.”


Wanda responded with an astonishing put-down which left her Instagram fans in no doubt she was referring to Suarez by saying alongside a photo collage of snaps showing her kissing and cuddling her husband: “I’ll look after my family. Life itself will take care of the little “bitches.”

She titled the photo collage: “Photos from the last three months that were published” in a clear attempt to rubbish Suarez’s claim she thought Wanda and Icardi “were separated or separating.”

As well as being his wife, Wanda is also Mauro Icardi’s agent.

She was previously married to his former teammate Maxi Lopez.

The two footballers, former friends and Sampdoria players, had a notorious falling out over the Argentinian beauty.

Wanda divorced her first husband and father of three of her five children after accusing him of cheating on her.

She married Icardi in May 2014 shortly after the divorce from Lopez was finalised. The love triangle between the two players and Wanda was exposed in November 2013 when it was revealed Icardi had made moves on his former friend’s wife as their marriage fell apart.

Lopez refused to shake his ex-pal’s hand when they met on the field in an April 2014 Serie A match between Sampdoria and Inter, leading the press to dub the game the ‘Wanda derby.’

Things between them soured even more in June 2015 when Icardi tweeted a new arm tattoo of the three children Wanda had with Maxi Lopez with the message: “I love these three little angels.”

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