90 Day Fiance: Jenny Is Unrecognizable In Throwback Photos

90 Day FiancéThe Other Way stars Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten have weathered their fair share of problems over the years. From the Season 1 twist that Sumit was actually married already, to their Season 2 spat involving Sumit’s parents, this couple has proved to be a fan-favorite. 

Even though Sumit ultimately called off their rushed nuptials, this pair is as in love as ever. Jenny even told TV Insider in May 2020 that she never contemplated parting ways with her long-distance beau. “Our relationship never ended. We never broke up,” Jenny explained. “I knew that he was going to get his divorce so I just went back and waited for that to happen. So that’s pretty much what I was waiting on, for him to get his divorce. We’ve always loved each other very much.” 

Sumit’s family has other ideas. Per Cheat Sheet, the Singh family disapproves of their son marrying a woman more than 30 years his senior. Sumit’s brother Amit tried to explain their parents’ perspective: “They don’t want you guys to be together. I’m sorry for that, but the big thing is the age factor between you guys. This can impact our dignity, our social circle, and society.”

While Jenny may be in her 60s now, she obviously wasn’t always grey. Find out how a high school photo of Jenny was made public, and what fans have to say about it! 

Jenny Slatten's throwback photo shocked fans

Turns out, Jenny Slatten was a blonde beauty! Photos of the Palm Springs resident were used to make a meme on a 90 Day Fiancé fan Instagram page. “Either this season of TOW is airing for 30 years already or Jenny really does give people grey hair,” the caption read. The image is a side-by-side photo of Jenny’s supposed high school yearbook portrait alongside a photo of modern Jenny on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, reading, “me at the beginning of this season” vs. “me at the end of this season.”


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The post received nearly 3,000 likes at the time of reporting, and fans have already shared their reactions. “Her school photo is like a Renaissance painting,” one follower commented, per The Things. Yet others pointed out Jenny’s age was the true reason behind Sumit’s parental drama. Nevertheless, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now if only Sumit’s family can see their soon to be daughter-in-law for who she truly is, not just how she looks! 

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